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PROS: Beautifully designed UI. Amazing performance. Highly functional, with over 900 units. CONS: None.

At some point in time we all needed a bit more advanced calculator or even a reliable converter that we usually searched for and downloaded from the iOS App Store. As you’ve realized, the available choice of these simple tools is amazingly large and these apps usually offer their “free” editions, which are in most cases plagued with ads and all kinds of annoying stuff. That’s why I always prefer paid solutions, especially when it comes to highly usable apps like calculators and unit converters. Plus, these applications are usually priced from $1 to $2, so everyone can afford them.

In case you still haven’t found a perfect unit converter, than continue reading this article. I’ll show you an iOS application that brings amazing design and excellent functionality. This app is called Vert 2, and it’s priced at $2.

Vert 2 1

Vert is a typical unit conversion tool, which means that you probably already know what to expect in terms of functionality. This little tool will surely surprise you, and the first surprise will happen when you take a look at its gorgeous interface. Vert has been updated to its second major version just a few weeks ago, and it brought incredible iOS7 inspired design. Colors are minimalistic and they are used to signalize chosen items, while typography is very clean and minimalistic as well. There are no toolbars or status bars, so all you see on the screen are units and input numbers. This doesn’t mean that Vert is overly simple, since it uses nicely integrated gestures to flick through different screens and to choose from dozens of categories. You’ll be also able to customize its colors, so this app can really complement your iPhone 5C, in case you use this iPhone model.

When it comes to functionality, I can only assume that Vert is going to cover your every need. It comes packed with 33 categories, which contain up to 900 units. As you can imagine, these are mostly units of measurement, but you can also use currency and clothes size conversion tools. There are even some funny and very unusual units, which are there for your amusement. I am not going to explain these units, since I’d like something to leave for you to explore.

Finally, there’s one feature that I’d like to mention, which seems unique for this type of iOS application. Vert allows you to search from two units which you need to use, simply by using its search bar and writing names of those two units that you’d like to use. This makes it much easier and more convenient, instead of browsing every time for a right unit category.

There are big chances that you already use a unit converter which meets your needs. This way I can only recommend Vert to those who like a very nice UI design, and to those who are still new in a world of iOS apps. This will be the best $2 that you’ve spent in a while.


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