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PROS: Performance improvements. Addition of some very useful features. Full HD mirroring. CONS: None.

A while back we reviewed an application named AirServer, which surprised us with its performance and functionality. This application is used to stream content from your iOS device to your Mac, which is something you’re not able to do natively. This opens up a very wide range of possibilities, and even though I believe this is something that Apple will enable eventually, AirServer is already ahead of this situation.

Today we are going to take a look at its newest major update, which is AirServer’s 5.0 version. If you take a look at our previous article, you’ll see that this application received the best possible ranking. I am glad to say that I haven’t encountered any similar apps that are doing a better job at enabling AirPlay, so I was very eager to try out some new features.

AirServer Classroom

The newest version of AirServer brings several very important improvements, but what’s also equally significant are those “under the hood” changes which you can’t see, but you surely can feel their performance. One of those changes is a complete support for the iPhone 5S and its powerful 64-bit processor, which now means that AirServer can deliver 1080p HD mirroring, which feels and looks amazing. I feel that there are other small changes because performance is extremely smooth, so it’s clear that a developer worked on improving all aspects of this application.

The biggest change that came with the 5.0 version is ability to record anything you stream from your iOS device to your Mac. You can also create screenshots and videos, which can be saved to your computer. I believe this is very important addition, which opens up many new possibilities. As I’ve said in the previous article, AirServer could be used to create presentations and to showcase an app or a game. You can also stream your iOS games, which is great for gamers. There’s also basic home use, where you can stream photos and videos to share with your friends and family, or to play a movie on a larger screen. Now you can add recording to these uses, and you’ll get an idea on possible uses for this application.

What I also didn’t mention up to this point is that all other aspects of AirServer are still present, where even its simple and effortless installation is also still there. You can read more about this aspect of AirServer in our previous article. Also, system requirements are pretty much the same as before, where you’ll need at least OSX Snow Leopard or newer, and an iPad (2nd generation and up) or an iPhone (4S and up). This application could be also used with Windows 7 and 8.

AirServer could be downloaded for free from its official website, where you can find its 7-day trial. In order to use it beyond that point you’ll need a license. Standard license is priced at $14.99 and can be used on up to 3 computers, while educational license is priced at $11.99 and requires a valid educational email address.


  1. This product sucks.. it never works as desired and shuts down every now and then.

    I will never recommend this product.


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