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PROS: Beautifully designed. Brings certified Lightning plug. CONS: Comes with several limitations in terms of functionality. Could be more affordable.

Ever since the iPhone 5 appeared on the market, designers and manufacturers worked very hard on bringing compatible accessories. This generation of Apple’s phone made a huge step in terms of design and internal components, even though this might not seem as huge to customers. In most cases this meant a complete overhaul of existing accessories, which is the main reason why there wasn’t an explosion of new docks, cases, and other kinds of usually popular items. Even though this is something that’s behind us now, there are still some long-lasting consequences, and this is something we can see with numerous newly released docks.

Creating a dock which is compatible with the newest iPhone generation might not seem like a big deal, but in practice this turned out to be problematic. Today’s docks are usually limited in more ways than one and many reviews showed that they don’t bring any practical use. On the other hand, there are a few docks which are beautifully designed and which managed to overcome several important obstacles like the Lightning cable inclusion while retaining affordable price. This all means that we’re still looking for those few quality iPhone docks.

AluBolt 2

In this article you’ll get a chance to read about Just Mobile’s AluBolt. This company is known for quality made products and some of the best styluses currently available. AluBolt is made for the Lightning-equipped iPhones and iPad minis, and it’s currently priced at $50.

I am sure that many people will have a very positive first impression about this dock, whose design language is very minimalistic and stripped from any unneeded elements. The base is four inches in diameter and under your fingers you’ll feel that you’re touching nicely brushed aluminum. Actually, this base is made of plastic with the rubber layer underneath, so aluminum is there for decorative purposes mostly. What this also means is that the base is much lighter that I hoped it to be, which creates some issues that you’ll get to read about later in this article. Besides this base plate, there’s also a curved plastic piece used to support the phone, which can be placed onto the certified Lightning plug. The dock is designed to support iPhones and iPad minis, but you can also use it with iPod nanos and iPod touches, even though they are not officially supported.

In terms of support and placement, you shouldn’t have any problems with AluBolt if you’re not using any cases with your iOS device. I am disappointed to say that even those very thin cases can cause connectivity issues with the Lightning plug, so using any case is out of the question. There’s also another important disadvantage, which can be seen on numerous other docks. When you decide to pick up your phone, you’ll need to press the base plate down in order to avoid lifting.

Unfortunately, Just Mobile failed to bring solution to some of the most common problems and only decided to bring beautifully designed accessory. I would recommend purchasing this dock only if you really care about design, even though you can find much better solutions. 


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