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PROS: Interesting idea. Works very well in practice. Good performance, no glitches. Affordable. CONS: Needs more challenges.

As you surely know by now, you can find thousands of great games in the iOS App Store, and those are perfect for spending some extra time you’ve got while you’re waiting for someone, but they are also great for those hardcore gamers. That’s the beauty of Apple’s mobile platform, since there are applications for almost anything you can imagine.

As a reviewer, I’ve spent quite some time looking into all kinds of iOS applications. Even though I have a lot of experience when it comes to these things, I still get surprised to see some unusual ways for iPads to be used. Of course, this also depends on your education, life circumstances, interests, and so on, but what I am trying to say is that you can’t be aware of all app types that you can find within iOS App Store which has become the biggest depository of mobile software.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at an application created to help children learn, play, and discover some things that they’re interested in. This application is called Big Baby, and it comes from the company named Big Ice Cream. It can be downloaded for $1.99

Big Baby

Big Baby is actually a game and an educational application created for children aged three to six. In this application there are 4 babies from diverse cultural backgrounds to look after and play with. It’s like traditional doll play with a digital twist. This way you can teach your children how to take care of a baby, at least some basics. Big Baby supports the development of empathy in preschool aged children. Empathy is often seen as more important than learning to count before starting school.

A child will need to be very engaged in order to explore all the options which Big Baby brings. For example, the baby needs to be created so it can be taken care of. This includes feeding and diaper changing, taking care of hygiene and similar. When it comes to feeding, a child will need to decide which type of food needs to be prepared (you can use several different types and mix them in a blender) in order for the baby to be happy and satisfied. Not to mention that the baby needs constant attention like playing with hair, tickling, and so on.

What I liked about this application is that it’s developed in collaboration with educators and children, which really shows. It brings simple, yet very nice graphics, suitable for small children. The only thing that I missed with this application is that even though it offers continuous and open play, it lacks some challenges to keep attention of a child. Yes, there are some challenges but once a child solves them, they won’t change variables any more. This means that this part of the game is pretty much finished and is now becoming just a repetitive task.

In case you’ve got a small children (aged 3 to 6), this seems like a very nice tool. It allows your children to learn something useful, but it also brings lots of fun as well.


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