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PROS: Quality made. Offers great protection. Very easy and effortless installation. Affordable. CONS: Some minor drawbacks.

If you ever wanted to buy a rugged case for your iPhone or iPad, than you’ve probably seen products made by Urban Armor Gear (UAG). This company is known for very quality cases made both for phones and tablets, which are designed to offer excellent protection. On the other hand, UAG’s products are also very affordable which is yet another great reason to think about purchasing one of these rugged cases.

The latest product by Urban Armor Gear is so called Composite Case, compatible with iPad Air. This is the folio-style case, priced at $50. Continue reading to learn more about its design and functionality.

Composite Case 3

Even though UAG’s rugged cases usually feature traditional shell design, this company decided to offer a folio-style case for those who like this flip-style design. Even though both of these case types come with some positive and negative sides, I’ve always preferred folio cases for their functionality and ability to be used as a stand. Folio cases also offer all-around protection, meaning that your tablet will be protected from all sides, including the screen. These are all very useful advantages, especially when it comes to protecting a tablet.

UAG is known for creating cases which are truly tough and which are designed to look tough as well. The Composite Case is no exception, where a textured rubber exterior is combined with a matte plastic and fabric on the inside of the case. As soon as I unwrapped it, it was clear that this is one tough case, designed to keep the tablet protected at all times. The front side features the cover with a very prominent logo, while the back side features several faux screw heads. Once I placed the tablet inside, it was clear that this case is a bit thicker than most, but I guess this is due to increased protection and several layers which are built into its rugged body. It’s not as heavy as I expected it to be tough.

Composite Case 2

What’s important to note is that the Composite Case leaves all ports exposed, as well as some buttons. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are deeply recessed, so it will take increased pressure to activate them. This is not something to worry about, and I assure you that you’ll get used to it after a couple of days. What’s also very important is that the Lightning port is fully exposed and there’s generous opening around it, meaning that you’ll be able to use any 3rd party Lightning cables.

You’ll be able to use this case as a stand, and there are two locking positions available. Even though these two viewing angles are helpful, none of these is suitable for typing. This is something I really missed, since most folio-style cases tend to offer this functionality.

There are a lot of nice things which could be said about this case. It is quality made and offers great protection. There are also some minor drawbacks, but these are not as prominent as other great features. The end line is that you’ll get a lot for its asking price, so this is a good deal.


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