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PROS: A good idea. A few interesting functions. CONS: Needs some tweaking. Many features are obsolete, while others don’t work.

Control Center, recently introduced to your iOS device with the newest iOS version, is one of those features that users wanted and demanded for a very long time. It’s no secret that all other platforms were already offering some kind of quick way to adjust the most demanded features like brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and similar. Even though this isn’t groundbreaking, it is still an important improvement which I believe most of us use on a daily basis. I bet many developers imagined creating such application for our Macs as well, and as is turns out – there are several interesting solutions already present.

Controls+ is available in the OSX App Store for $2, and it’s promising of delivering Control Center to your Mac. Having a bunch of useful shortcuts under your fingertips seems like a good idea in theory, but there are numerous factors which are important in making an application succeed. Continue reading to see if Controls+ is your solution for bringing Control Center functionality to a larger screen.

Controls+ 3

Controls+ is a menu bar app, which means that it offers quick way to get to some of the most needed system settings and optimizations. You’ll need to go to preferences in order to make this application open at each login, which isn’t turned on by default. Settings are one of four tabs located at the bottom of drop-down screen, where the rest of tabs are: Display, iTunes, and Timer.

Display is the first and the main tab of Controls+, which opens up every time you open this application. You’ll get to adjust the brightness, change your wallpaper, start your screen saver, or turn your computer into a flashlight. Easy access to adjusting the brightness is very useful for those who use a keyboard other than Apple’s, so I guess this is very helpful. Other features are there simply to fill up some empty space on the screen, since they don’t work right. Changing a wallpaper by drag-and-dropping an image seems great, but there’s no way to set up how you want that image to be displayed. This way, my wallpapers always got stretched or cut. Flashlight feature brings up a new window which is completely blank, or differently said – white. I don’t see any practical use for this, since you can simply open Safari if you want a large white window for additional light, even though this is hardly a solution.

Controls+ 1

The iTunes tab creates a mini player from where you can control your music. This is also obsolete in many ways, especially since you can easily transform your iTunes into a mini player which is very easy to control with your keyboard. And finally, there’s the Timer tab. This one brings two features: Stopwatch and Timer. Even though I believe some people will find these two tabs useful, what I wanted to see is the world clock and alarm.

I liked the idea behind Controls+, but it seems that a developer rushed and released this application before it’s been fully polished. Some features are there for no reason, others don’t work, and there are just a few of those which do have some practical use.



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