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PROS: Simple and efficient. Transparent connection to Dropbox. CONS: A few small issues and bugs.

I hope you’re already using all the benefits that Dropbox provides, which can ease up communication and file exchange between two or more people. In fact, Dropbox is perfect for entire teams who are working on a single project, where changes can be saved and previewed in real time.

Even though Dropbox seems perfect in theory and fully usable in practice, there are a couple of things which could be a bit different. These small issues could mean a lot for those who rely heavily on this cloud service to share files with others. That’s why you can find numerous small applications within the OSX App Store, which are designed to enhance native Dropbox workflow and adjust it to your needs.

Dragshare 2

Dragshare is an application designed to ease up file exchange for existing Dropbox users. This $2 application makes this process automatic, and could be a real time saver for those who use this cloud storage as their primary online file depository.

After you download and install Dragshare, you’ll get to see its menu bar icon which is designed to look like a drop of water. You’ll need to drag and drop a file onto this icon, and you’ll see a little bubble filling up to the top. Once a file is uploaded, you’ll see a message with three large icons: Open, E-mail, and Share. These are three automated sharing features which Dragshare brings. In case you add a bunch of files, this little application will create a ZIP archive and it will provide you with the same sharing features. What I need to mention here is that there are some issues or bugs during upload of a single folder filled with files, which makes Dragshare crash every single time. This is not a big downside, and I hope that a developer will fix this soon enough.

As I’ve said in the previous paragraph, you’ll get to see three sharing icons once you upload a file: Open, E-mail, and Share. The first one opens up your preferred web browser, where you can see the file and use some of Dropbox’s online sharing and editing features. If you decide to e-mail a file, you’ll get to see a new message automatically composed so you just need to enter recipient’s address and send it. The last icon is used to share a link via Facebook or Twitter. As you can see, these are all helpful sharing options, so I believe that many will find at least one of these usable.

I also forgot to mention that Dragshare will create its own folder within your Dropbox storage, so there’s an easy way to review uploaded files and remove the ones that you don’t need anymore. Also, Dragshare’s behavior is fully adjustable, so you can remove the large banner containing three sharing options which appears every time you upload a file.

In case you use Dropbox as a primary sharing location, I would recommend spending $2 on Dragshare. You’ll get a few interesting options, which could ease up your everyday work.


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