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PROS: Nicely designed product, minimalistic and clean. Micro-suction pad. Very usable. Compatible with any iOS device. CONS: Some cases won’t be compatible.

It seems that iPhone-compatible docks are very simple and that there’s not that much to think about in terms of design or functionality. A dock needs to hold your phone and charge it, and that’s pretty much it. On the other hand, since there are so many different docks on the market, and since the competition is stronger than ever, designers and developers are always trying to come up with something new or different. In many cases this creates issues and all kinds of different problems, so there are a lot of docks which you’ll forget about only after a few days of use. The best docks are the one which bring fundamentally minimalistic design and quality materials, and we’re about to take a look at one of those.

EverDock was a Kickstarter project which became a real product lineup consisted of three models. This one is made by Fuz Designs, and this seems to be their first and very successful attempt at entering the market. It comes in three variants: classic-looking dock named EverDock ($49), EverDock Duo ($69) – for two devices, and you can also get a combo pack ($109).

EverDock 3

The EverDock is made from a solid block of aluminum, so it really feels nice in hand. As you can expect, it’s very sturdy and firm. On the bottom side you can find a micro-suction pad which is there to make the dock very secure and hold it in its place. What this also means is that you’ll be able to stick it to any surface and it should stay in its place no matter what. I’ve had no problems taking out my iPhone, which is something I really appreciated since you need to hold down most docks if you don’t want to lift them together with your phone.

EverDock 2

You’ll be able to choose from four colors: space grey, gold, silver, and black. As you see, these color combinations match the iPhone 5S colors, which is a nice touch. All of these four models are exactly the same, expect for their color. You’ll be provided with silicone spacers, which are there to make sure that you can place a phone inside a case, and this works well with most cases. If you’re not using a case, than you’ll need to place the spacer so your phone can nicely and securely fit. If you’re using a case, you can simply remove this spacer. What you should know that even though most cases work, some are not going to be compatible, and these are usually medium-thick silicone and plastic cases.

What also needs to be said is that you’ll need to supply your own cable, since this is one of those docks where you need to pull the cable through the body of a dock. The good news is that you can also use older 30-pin connectors, which fits nicely into the bracket. It’s nice to see that there are still docks which are supporting older generations of iOS devices.


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