I believe that I always perfectly understood how useful those numerous iOS journaling apps can be, even though I’ve never really succeed in continuously using any of those. During my time as a reviewer I’ve had the chance of trying out almost every popular journaling app, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of their functionalities and their ability to make you more organized.

What’s interesting about these applications, and this is something I’ve learned by talking to other users and developers as well, is the way people use their digital journals. Some people like to create a memory of a particular moment or some event in their lives, while others like to write down their thoughts and ideas, so they can go back in time and relive a memory or use an idea with their current work.

Heyday 1

Heyday is one of the newest additions to iOS App Store’s journaling apps. This application is a digital journal which uses your pictures and videos and analyzes their location data. This way you can create interesting timelines which are easy to flick through. This app is available for iPhones, and it’s completely free of charge. Now let’s see what Heyday can offer you.

Upon first launch I was greeted with a tutorial which showed me some basic tools and the way this journaling app works. You’ll need to grant access to your Photos app and location data, and you’ll also need to log-in with your Facebook account or by creating a new account. I am usually not a big fan of applications which demand creation of new user accounts, but I liked that I could use something other than my Facebook login which is something I really avoid using. After you’ve gone through these initial steps, Heyday will create a timeline by taking out photos and videos and sorting them according to their time and location. This way you can scroll through each of these items, where you can add notes and delete the ones that you don’t like.

Heyday is designed to use photos that you’ve taken with your camera, so when you take a new photo it will appear as the newest item in Heyday’s timeline. If you’ve taken several photos these can be transformed into a collage, where you can choose their arrangement and you can pan or zoom them. You can also use preloaded photo effects as well. After you’ve added a collage and a note, you can also review its location data. Even though Heyday uses Foursqare’s database, you can still edit it. These location suggestions are usually correct, but it’s nice to have some kind of editing feature.

I think that you’ll get to enjoy in Heyday after you’ve been using it for some time. This application brings amazing interface design which really focuses on your content, so it’s very enjoyable to scroll though the memories. What I would like to see its iPad version, since even though I’ve enjoyed using Heyday on my iPhone, I would like to see its content on a larger screen


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