iGear’s iPad Flip Turn Case
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PROS: Great value. Quality made. Nicely designed product, with attention to details. CONS: No major drawbacks. Keyboard needs time adjusting to.

Having a wireless keyboard to be used with an iPad seems essential these days. I can’t even imagine using my iPad on a daily basis without having a keyboard, and I feel that many people share my opinion. Luckily, if you’re interested in purchasing a new keyboard, there are a lot of great models to choose from. I would recommend browsing through numerous articles right here on MacReview, where you can find reviews of some of the bestselling keyboard cases on the market.

In this article you’ll get a chance to learn more about iGear’s iPad Flip Turn Case, made for the iPad mini. This is the keyboard case priced at $70 which does sound very appealing. Let’s see what this price brings with this product.

iPad Flip Turn Case 1

On a first look I was satisfied with the iPad Flip Turn Case, especially once I took it for a closer inspection. It’s made of hard plastic which will give proper protection to your iPad, and the keyboard seems quality made as well. What I was surprised with is the rubberized layer on the outside, which comes with matte finish. It really feels nice in hand and the tablet will stay in its place once you position it on a desk. Another thing I noticed is that this case, once closed, doubles the thickness of the iPad mini, which is something that I also liked. This way you’ll get a feeling that you’re working on a small laptop or netbook.

This keyboard case is made of two parts connected via one firm hinge. The plastic shell is where you’ll need to place your iPad mini into, which fits nicely and without any problems. It doesn’t come with a button coverage, but this is something that’s common with plastic shell-style cases. What I need to mention is that there’s one wide opening for all ports on the bottom side of the tablet, which is great for those who use 3rd party Lightning cables which come in different sizes. This shell can be connected to the keyboard via magnets, and it can be also positioned at almost any viewing angle which is a great thing.

iPad Flip Turn Case 2

Speaking of the keyboard, it comes with five rows of keys where the top row brings numbers combined with all kinds of iOS-function keys. Keys are nicely spaced, especially for a cramped iPad mini keyboard. It will take some time until you become comfortable with this keyboard and its layout, even though it’s pretty much intuitive. You’ll need to adjust to a position of some keys and their double role, but this is nothing to be worry about. Also, Bluetooth pairing is effortless and there’s even an on/off switch at the top of the keyboard.

For only $70, which is a very good price for an iPad mini keyboard case, you’ll get a nicely designed and quality made product. Also, I don’t have any larger complains about the keyboard, which isn’t the best one I’ve seen but it’s fully usable at all times.


  1. It’s compatible with iPad Air, iPad Mini or Mini 2. We will update our review in case they release a newer version for other iPad models.


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