Itskins’ Evolution Case for iPhone 5/5S
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If you tried to stay in the loop about the newest iPhone case designs, than you’ve probably heard of Itskins. This company is known for very interesting and unique designs, but these products are also known for their great build quality.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at the newest case made by Itskins, named Evolution. This case is made for the iPhone 5/5S and you can find it for about $30 which is a very good price. Since I’ve already reviewed some of Itskins’ cases in the past, I was very interested in taking a look at Evolution for iPhone 5/5S and I need to say that I expected a lot from this product.

Evolution Case 2

On a first look I immediately noticed numerous details on this case which was for me a clear confirmation that this case is made by Itskins. There’s nothing really that new or revolutionary about Evolution, but it brings great build quality and some interesting details which is enough to make it stand out on today’s incredibly crowded market. This case is made of several layers of rubber and plastic and feels very firm and sturdy. I believe it will protect your phone in most endangering situations and it will serve you for a very long time. What’s important to say is that you’ll also receive a screen film and some cleaning tools with this case, which is a very nice addition. In order words, you’ll be able to fully protect your phone for only $30, which is a good deal.

The inside of Itskins’ Evolution is lined with rubber which provides a gentle grip for your phone and also serves as a buffer in case of accidental drop. This rubber extends out of the case to provide button coverage. All the buttons will work just fine after your cover them and they will retain the right level of tactility as before. This case brings several cutouts, and you can find the one on the back (for the camera and flash), while the bottom part is also exposed in order to provide access to ports and grilles.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this case is the color lineup. As it turns out, if you own the iPhone 5S you’ll be able to buy black, grey and gold option. The back side is designed to resemble the back side of your phone, and it seems that the color tones perfectly match as well. This is something that I really appreciated, and I believe many other potential users will also, especially those who don’t like using cases because of their shapes or designs. With Itskins’ Evolution you’ll get a quality made case which provides proper protection, with exterior that matches your iPhone’s color. In case you’d like to add some other color to your phone, you can choose from other Evolution variants like pink, red, blue, orange, white, black, and yellow. It seems that everyone can find the perfect Evolution model, and I encourage you to do so.

PROS: Nicely designed, with attention to details. The iPhone 5S users will love it. Great protection.

CONS: None really.


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