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PROS: Very interesting concept. Has a lot of potential. CONS: Needs more aggressive approach and marketing. Somewhat limited until it catches on.

Today’s smartphones are relying heavily on having constant connection to various online services. In case you’re not paying for any data plan and if you’ve ever found yourself outside of Wi-Fi coverage, than you’ve probably realized how this made your iPhone limited in terms of functionality and usefulness. This is not a surprise, since even the original iPhone relied on mobile data to keep information coming, and with today’s phones this problem became even bigger.

This is actually one of those problems that you’re not probably even aware of, but this tends to be a problem for many iPhone users all around the world. Not all mobile carriers are the same, and in some countries it’s not exactly affordable to sign-up for a data plan at your local mobile network. In case you’ve found yourself in any of these situations, and if you’re living somewhere in the USA, than continue reading this article since I’ll tell you more about a device called Karma.

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Karma is a very small device which looks like a nicely designed router, and what this device does is providing Wi-Fi signal. This way you can always have quick access to internet, no matter if you use any of iOS devices or a computer.

Karma is designed to be mobile, so it’s very small and light. You’ll be able to easily fit it into your pocket or a bag, and you won’t even notice it’s there. This device is actually using Clearwire 4G network, and it uses that signal in a way that it rebroadcasts it as a Wi-Fi signal for up to eight devices. This means that everyone will be able to join your network, but they’ll need to log-in with their own accounts in order to use it.

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I’ve tested Karma with my iPhone, my iPad, and even with my laptop and I’ve always had the same pleasurable experience. After you turn it on you’ll be immediately able to join your own network, but only after you log-in with your account. This works for any iOS device too. You can choose to open Karma-supported account, or you can use your Facebook credentials. After each login you can see how much bandwidth you’ve got, which means that you’ll be able to buy 1GB of bandwidth for $14. If someone else joins your Karma Wi-Fi account, you’re both going to receive 100MB for free.

What I was surprised with is that I haven’t encountered any issues with this service. I’ve been testing it with my iPhone 5, and after I’ve joined my open Wi-Fi network I needed to login to Karma using Safari. Even though signal strength can be different throughout the country, it doesn’t affect iPhone’s ability to perform normally. According to Karma’s official website, you can expect from 3 to 6Mbps when downloading, even though you can expect spikes to up to 10Mbps. Upload speeds can reach 1.5Mbps.

In theory, Karma sounds like a revolutionary idea. It brings you a complete freedom, where you’re in charge of your bandwidth. It also brings fair price for its service. It also has a lot of potential for the future, where you’ll be able to join anyone’s Karma Wi-Fi signal and use it according to your bandwidth. In case you’re planning on joining this service today, you’re going to be limited in some ways since it will take time for this service to catch on.


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