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PROS: Very interesting and original concept. Nicely designed UI. Affordable. CONS: Comes with some serious limitations. Confusing dialog boxes and messages.

In order to become noticed by users and rise up the iOS App Store rankings, an application needs to offer a full package. What this means is that an application needs to provide beautifully designed interface, simple and easy to use gestures, and an innovative concept which will offer something most users didn’t experience before. Even if an application offers all of this, it still needs to be as affordable as possible, so it’s clear that it’s very hard to create something that is going to be profitable in the long run.

Just a few years back, most to-do applications needed to bring shiny and polished interface and basic functionality in order to achieve some success. However, today this is not the case, and we’re about to show you an application that really showcases today’s effort to success in the iOS App Store. This is a to-do app named Life Graphy, available to download for $2.

Life Graphy 2

On a first look I really liked its flat design and bright colors, which seems to be a way for Life Graphy to build its own visual identity. This application brings very interesting concept which helps you become more organized and even more productive. Simply said, Life Graphy transforms your daily tasks into visually pleasing pie charts. Each day you’ll get to see a pie chart which can be broken into up to six segments, where each of these segments represent one thing you need to do during that particular day. As you complete tasks, these empty segments will fill up, giving you a quick overview of your day.

You’ll get to use three views, just like with any calendar app, and those are yearly, monthly, and daily view. With each of those you’ll get to see pie charts around dates, so you can see how organized and productive you’ve been in the past. Daily view will allow you to see which tasks you’ve set yourself for that day, so you’ll get to see up to six icons. When you decide to create a new task, you can choose an icon to represent it, and it’s also important to say that you can create recurring tasks.

Even though Life Graphy brings incredibly interesting concept and beautifully designed UI, it comes with some serious limitations. For example, it only allows you to create up to six tasks per day. If you create several recurring tasks, these are automatically going to take some space towards these six tasks. It also needs some kind of prioritization or different color codes, so you can differentiate tasks in those pie charts. There is also one strange thing about this application, and those are very confusing dialogue boxes and messages. It turns out that the developer’s native language is Korean, so there’s are lots of errors in translation.

Life Graphy comes with amazing potential, and it really brings something new to the iOS App Store. Sadly, it fails to live up to its great concept, which is limiting its functionality. I would really like to see how this application will continue to develop in the future and if these limitations are going to be resolved.


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