Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery
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PROS: Nicely designed product. Great connection with a phone. Works great with 2D games. CONS: Some 3D games cause issues. Low capacity battery.

Ever since the iOS App Store was introduced to the market, amazing 3D games continue to astound us. Just after a few years of new iOS devices, we’re now able to play games like Tomb Raider and GTA natively on our phones and tablets. Sure, there are some graphic and performance limitations, but I am pretty sure these are going to be resolved and greatly improved over the next few years.

Even though you can get full gaming experience by only using your phone as the primary and only input source, it’s no wonder that many developers wanted to create game controllers. The problem with these, as it seems, is that it’s hard to create a fully compatible one which doesn’t cause any problems or issues with the iOS. A few weeks back we brought you review of MOGA Ace Power, which was a big disappointment. Today we are bringing you review of Logitech’s PowerShell Controller, which is also a game controller priced at $100. It brings somewhat different design and characteristics, so I was interested to see if it overcomes some of Ace Power’s issues.

First, let’s talk about connectivity. While Ace Power uses Apple’s “extended Lightning controller” which is what causes so many connectivity issues, PowerShell comes with standard Lightning equipment. This also means that Logitech’s controller brings fewer joysticks and buttons. On the front you’ll find a digital directional pad and four colored action buttons, and there are two shoulder triggers on the top. There’s also sleep/wake trigger and a pause button. The left side contains a power switch, and micro-USB port. Like you can expect, this controller brings its own 1500mAh battery inside.

Logitech PowerShell 1

The back side comes with a very nice design, which is covered with a layer or rubber. Even though it’s very wide, in general this controller is very comfortable for use and makes a positive first impression.

What’s important to say is that the Logitech’s PowerShell only supports the iPhone 5/5S and the 5th generation iPod Touch. As you can see, this one won’t work with the iPhone 5C. When you place your phone inside you’ll still have access to its buttons since there are cutouts on the top and bottom of PowerShell, so you can adjust the volume and mute/unmute. There’s also a large hole on the back which provides camera access.

Logitech PowerShell 3

When it comes to performance, some games will work without any problems, while more complex ones can cause some issues. You’ll get the best results while playing 2D games. This is because complex 3D games are designed to take advantage of granular analog directional input, rather than using on-off directional controls. What this means is that developers of iOS games need to optimize their software in order to be able to take full control of digital D-pads, which is what PowerShell controller brings. What I am saying is that you’ll be able to play many games, but don’t be surprised if some of them fail to respond.

In overall, Logitech’s PowerShell controller is an average-grade accessory. It doesn’t bring anything that exciting or innovative, and it does come with some drawbacks and issues. I would recommend waiting for a price drop, or waiting for a new iOS game controller.



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