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PROS: Effortless setup. Nicely designed UI. Brings some unique features. Free of charge. CONS: Push messages sometimes don’t work.

We already covered almost every bestselling iOS e-mail client that you can currently find in the iOS App Store. It’s interesting to note that most of them can successfully compete against Apple’s own Mail app which now seems outdated and very basic. Third party e-mail clients are offering advanced features, amazingly designed UIs, and some of them even offer some innovative ways of staying organized and productive. These are all reasons why it’s not such a bad idea to spend a couple of dollars on a new iOS e-mail application.

In today’s article we’ll review the newest addition to a world of iOS e-mail clients, and this application is called myMail. Even though it may seem like a newcomer to some users, myMail is coming from a very serious company based in Moscow. This company runs, which is the largest e-mail provider in Russian-speaking countries. According to some recent statistics, services of this company are being used by over 100 million users. This is why I had very high expectations for myMail.

myMail 2

On a first look I was impressed with this application, mostly because the initial setup was as effortless as possible. I’ve tried adding all sorts of IMAP and POP accounts, and I never received any errors or encountered any issues. What’s important to say is that you can use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook. However, in most cases you’ll need to provide only the address and password, and myMail will try to do the job on its own, which means that you’re not limited to any e-mail provider.

Another nice surprise was the main screen of this application. I’ve tested this app on my iPhone and iPad as well, and both of these versions were nicely designed to make the best of screen space. As you can expect, flat design is present, but it’s very easy on eyes and very colorful as well. You’ll be able to add multiple accounts and use them simultaneously, while myMail will pull all your labels and folders.

There are several features which myMail offers, which really surprised me. First, there are some very nicely designed and thought-out privacy features, where you can decide how this application behaves and how it needs to handle your mail. Even with its default settings, this app will use encrypted protocols to access your messages and folders, even on public Wi-Fi networks. Another interesting feature are notifications. You’ll be able to receive notifications even if your e-mail provider doesn’t support this. You’ll even get to set up filters for push messages, so you don’t have to be notified about those annoying Facebook messages or about spam mail you receive. Still, these push messages are still struggling and it seems that they sometimes stop working for some time. I hope this will be resolved in near future.

Even if you’re happy with your current iOS e-mail app, I would still recommend trying out myMail which is completely free to download and use. It brings some nicely designed UI and some unique features that you’re going to love.


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