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There are several essential pieces of additional iPad-compatible equipment, and battery packs are one of those. Besides having a reliable case and perhaps a stand, having an external battery pack is simply essential. And when you go out to buy a new battery, you’ll see that the choice has never been harder. This is because almost every reputable manufacturer is trying to join this race, so it’s important to know what to look for before making a final decision.

On you can find more than a few helpful reviews of some of the most popular battery packs, where you can read about their design and charging performance which can tell if you if a particular device is a good deal. In this article we’ll take a look at Noble Power Bank, which comes from Paick. This is the first time I am reviewing a battery pack from this company, so I didn’t have any expectations prior to testing. This one brings 6000mAh cell inside, and you’ll be able to purchase it for $65 which seems like a good deal in theory.

Noble Power Bank 1

On a first look I was intrigued by design of this battery pack. It’s clear that Noble Power Bank is designed to resemble iPad in more ways than one, and we can see this by looking at its aluminum skin, nicely polished edges and its overall shape. For a battery pack that brings 6000mAh cell, Noble Power Bank is light enough and portable as well. It is 4.5” long, 2.7” wide, and a bit less than 0.5” tall. These are very good dimensions for a battery pack of this capacity.

What’s interesting about this device is that you won’t be able to see charging ports on its body. These are hidden in a black rectangle. This rectangle can be popped out by pushing a button on one of the short ends of Noble, where it pops out at an angle. This is where you’ll be able to see two charging ports, which is something I always like. These ports provide 1-Amp and 2.1-Amp charging speeds. What’s also interesting to note is that the top surface of this black rectangle is touch sensitive and can be used as power and charge indicator button.

When it comes to performance, I’ve used completely depleted iPad Air to test this battery pack. Charging speeds were as usual. When it comes to charging performance, I need to say that it is average for a battery pack of this capacity. The newest iPad was able of charging itself up to 50%, which was as expected. Speaking of time, it needed a bit over two hours for Noble Power Bank to be completely depleted.

In today’s ever growing market, Noble Power Bank is yet another interesting addition. For $65 you can get quality made 6000mAh battery. It’s also a good thing that it’s designed to resemble an iPad, which I believe is something that many potential users will like as well. It certainly earns my general recommendation.

PROS: Nicely designed and quality made. A few unique features. Competitive price.

CONS: None really.


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