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PROS: Very interesting concept. Free of charge. CONS: Very limited, doesn’t bring any customization. Gets unexciting after a while, lacks content.

Sharing almost any part of your daily life has never been easier, with a help of numerous iOS apps which are designed to integrate elaborate sharing links to social networks. This way you can quickly capture a video or a photo, edit it, and automatically share to more than one network. It’s as easy as it possibly gets.

When it comes to note sharing, most of us use official iOS apps of social networks which allow us to post statuses and notes, and any other kind of text. As it turns out, there’s an application that allows you to create nicely looking notes, without spending too much time on creating and customizing graphics and typography. This app is called Noteography and could be downloaded from the iOS App Store free of charge.

Noteography 1

My first impression of Noteography is how nicely designed its simple interface is. When you open this application for the first time you’ll get to see fairly simple and minimalistic interface, which features some interesting animations and generally very easy workflow. Just as you would imagine, Noteography features flat design and simple colors, which are all very easy on eyes. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that this app is very intuitive and clean looking at the beginning but once I created my own account and started adding items, this made interface cluttered and even chaotic at times. Another thing I noticed is that several important icons are very small and could be easily misinterpreted, which will certainly create some initial confusion. Noteography is one of those rare applications that look amazingly designed at first, but once you start digging a bit further you realize that it gets harder and harder to find a way out.

The main role of Noteography is to beatify your notes. You’ll first need to add some text, which can be done just like with Apple’s Notes app. You’ll get a blank screen where you’ll need to write down your thoughts. Second step is choosing a template, and there’s about 25 of these. Every one of these templates offers its own set of colors and automatically picks a font. Also, the first letter of your note is going to be transformed into stylized image. Even though all of these templates are very nicely designed, they all lack any kind of customization. You’ll be able to choose a color palette, but there’s nothing you can do about fonts, text size, and layout. This is a very serious limitation, which means that after you try all of these, you’ll probably delete this app from your phone.

Noteography brings Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr integration. You can also use its own social network where you can see other people’s notes and post comments.

Even though Noteography brings a very interesting concept and creates its own niche, a developer failed to execute that idea. This application simply brings templates to your notes, and that’s pretty much it. There’s no customization available, and it brings limited content which makes this application uninteresting after a while.


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