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PROS: Nicely designed, very thin and easy to carry. Features 7200mAh cell inside. CONS: Slower charging speeds than expected.

Purchasing a battery pack isn’t as easy as it might seem, at least if you’re interested in getting the most out of your investment. When looking for an iOS-compatible battery pack, there are a few features that you need to pay attention to. For example, you should know what kind of USB output you need, which corresponds to needs for iPad or iPhone recharging. This also means that you need to know how much capacity a battery should hold, even though this could be problematic in practice due to different charging technologies. That’s why reviews like this one are helpful.

Pinlo is a company known for very wide range of iPhone and iPad cases, as well as some battery packs. In this article we’ll show you their latest product, named Power Slice. This is the battery pack which brings 7200mAh cell, and which features very interesting design. Power Slice is priced at $80.

Power Slice 2

Just by taking a look at its aluminum body, it’s clear that Power Slice is trying to be different than most battery packs currently available. This one is just 0.2” tall, while its width and height is approximately the same as iPad mini’s. There’s an interesting texture all around its body which feels nice in hand, which is actually a slightly extruded crisscross pattern. You can also notice several holes on the left side of Power Slice, and those can be used to attach this battery pack to almost any standardized ring system, which can be found inside binders or folios. This is a neat trick which I am sure many users are going to love.

On one of the shorter sides you’ll see an array of ports. This is where you’ll find a micro-USB port used to recharge the battery, four indicator lights, a power button, and there are also two USB outputs. According to official statements, both of these are 2.4-Amp outputs. In theory this means that you iPad should be recharged using maximum achievable speeds. In practice, this battery pack showed significantly slower results. Many reviews around the web showed the same results, so I am assuming that this is due to integrated charging technology. This is one of those examples which are telling how important it is to check the actual testing results, since numbers that you find in official statements can show different end results. On average, tests showed that charging speeds are about 25% slower in comparison to other battery packs which also feature the same 2.4-Amp output ports. On the other hand, you’ll still get to use full 7200mAh capacity.

Pinlo’s Power Slice brings very interesting and original design, which can be easily incorporated into your everyday life. You can simply place it inside a binder, and never think of it again (or at least until you need to recharge your phone). It also brings large capacity which can be used to recharge tablets as well. The only negative side are those slower charging speeds, so this is something you need to have on your mind if you’re interested in purchasing this product.


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