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PROS: Nicely designed UI, very simple and clean. Has a lot of potential. CONS: Several bugs and glitches. Needs more useful features. Overpriced, at this moment.

Most of us already tried one of those list-making applications or to-do organizers, in an effort to deal with everyday obligations and appointments. These applications can be truly helpful if utilized right, and this especially goes for those apps which are able of syncing data between their iOS and OSX versions. Silo is one of those applications. Elegant and clean interface, and simple gestures are what attracted me to its iOS app. Now Silo has come up with its OSX version, and I’ll be reviewing it in this article.

By its official categorization within productivity apps, Silo is a list manager. It allows you to create lists which can contain numerous items. Even though this doesn’t sound very interesting or appealing, mostly because this is something we can see and use every day in bunch of other applications, what’s great about Silo is its clean interface and ease of use. Also, if you already use Silo on your iOS device, you’ll be able to sync your data which is yet another interesting role for this app.

Silo for OSX 2

Upon first launch you’ll be able to see Silo’s very simple, yet very interestingly designed interface. You’ll need to set-up a new account, or sign-in if you’ve been using this app before, which enables syncing across devices and its web interface. Now you’ll be able to see a window divided into two parts. On the left you’ll see brightly colored array of lists. Color scheme can be changed to suit your mood any way you like it, just like on the iOS version. As you can see from the screenshots, lists are going to be showed in a column where you can see a number of entries of each list on the right end. The right side of the screen contains entries of a specific list.

In order to add a new item you’ll need to use one of these two ways: you can use a gesture of swiping up (or dragging up) or you can hover at the top where you’ll see a plug sign appear. This gesture is copied from the iOS app, and comes with some issues on the Mac. I was unable to activate it on many occasions, but there’s the other method which always works. When adding new entries to your lists you’ll be able to add tags which will turn into hashtags one you’ve confirmed them. Silo uses these hashtags to reorganize items by how similar they are within one list. You won’t be able to use hashtags on a global level, meaning that you won’t be able to reorganize entries from more than one list. Also, you won’t be able to move an entry from one list to another. On the other hand, you can reorganize lists and entries by dragging them, so you can prioritize items. This seems to be the only way to sort them.

I really liked the idea behind Silo, but it seems that a lot more work needs to be put into this application. Especially when you know that it’s priced at $6, which seems a lot for a simple list manager. Top priority updates should contain more sorting options, as well as due dates and reminders.


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