uNu Aero Battery Case + Wireless Charging Mat
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PROS: Nicely designed case. Brings 2000mAh battery. Ability of wireless charging. Reasonable price. CONS: None.

We’ve seen a lot of problematic wireless chargers over the last couple of years, which seemed to be a technology at the beginning of its development. Many of these chargers were very bulky and unpractical for everyday use. It also needed some time until their prices became affordable. This was the year we’ve seen some fully usable products of this category, and I hope that 2014 will be the year we’ll see some major breakthrough in terms of wireless charging technology and innovative products.

We already brought you several interesting reviews concerning battery cases which also feature some kind of wireless charging technology. Today we are going to take a look at uNu Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case and Mat, which is compatible with the iPhone 5/5S. This system is priced at $100, which seems like a good deal. Now let’s see what this product offers and how usable it is.

uNu System 1

Like its name says, uNu’s Aero system is comprised of two pieces: a battery case and a wireless charging mat. The battery case provides 2000mAh of additional power to your phone, which theoretically means that you’ll be able to more than double the battery life. Installation is fairly simple, and all you need to do is to carefully place your phone onto the included battery which comes with the Lightning plug, and then you’ll need to place the top piece which keeps all these parts together. Once fully assembled, you’ll see that Aero doesn’t bring a lot of bulk. It’s fairly thin for a battery case, but it’s somewhat more elongated than most similar cases. This is nothing to worry about since I believe that you’ll be able to adjust to these new dimensions after a few days of use.

Speaking of design, it’s clear that designers wanted a case which brings attention to details which is something I was able to see in button openings, gentle curvature and nicely polished edges. Most of the buttons are covered, but they are fully accessible and they work the way they normally would. On the back you’ll be able to see four LEDs, which are there to signalize remaining battery power.

uNu System 3

It’s interesting to note that the case can be charged on its own, since it comes with a micro-USB plug and cable as well. This cable is actually there to supply power to the wireless charging mat, which is its primary role. This mat should be seen as a very interesting addition, since the battery case is a very nice product on its own. By having a mat included, Aero only gained on its value. I didn’t have any problems with any part of this system, except that charging took about 20% more time over the mat, but this is something to be expected.

For only $100 you’ll receive a nicely designed and fully usable battery case, which also brings wireless charging support. Since I didn’t encounter any issues with it, I can only recommend this product.


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