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PROS: Nicely designed, elegant and minimalistic. Very functional. CONS: A bit overpriced. No iPad version.

At first, people were very satisfied with Apple’s own iOS tools and applications. Since the original iPhone was revolutionary, most users were impressed by its abilities which made them become subjective over time. But once the iOS App Store was opened, it was clear that some 3rd party developers hold the power of fully unlocking iOS’ abilities. Today we’ve got Apple’s own Weather, Notes, Reminders and a lot of other simple tools. But we also have hundreds of incredible Weather, Notes, and Reminders within the iOS App Store. And we’re always searching for the next best thing, which is usually just around the corner.

In this article we’ll take a look at a replacement for Apple’s Notes. I think we can all agree that this app is very limited and can be used only to write a couple of notes or a few to-do lists. Perhaps this was Apple’s decision in order to leave some space to 3rd party developers.

Vesper 1 Vesper scr2

Vesper: Elegant Notes is the application we’re about to take a look at. This app is priced at $5 and could be downloaded from the iOS App Store, but it’s available only for iPhones at the moment and required iOS7. This is a note taking application which allows you to insert images and organize entries using tags.

The first time you open Vesper you’ll get to see four preloaded notes, which are actually a tutorial. This is where you’ll be guided through some of the most important features, even though you’ll be able to start off without them. The main page will contain a list of your notes, together with an image that you might have saved with a specific note. Click on a plus sign to add a new entry, and you’ll be able to see a nicely designed page which fully respects iOS’ flat design philosophy. You’ll be able to create an entry which consists of headline and body, and you can also add tags. Simply start writing a tag, and you’ll see a couple of recommendations based on your previous entries. You can also add one image per note, where you can select the one from your Photos, take a snapshot, or insert the last one you’ve taken. This is also from where you can share a note, and you’ll get to choose e-mail or SMS. There are no social networks sharing available, and that’s because developers tried to create a very basic and functional application without any bells and whistles. With this application, that decision seems rational and smart.

Another interesting feature (that you wouldn’t normally find in Apple’s Notes) is ability to preview all your tags, and sort your notes according to a selected one. You can also archive notes which can be previewed before you permanently delete them.

Vesper isn’t trying to bring as many features as possible to a note taking app, but it focuses on a functional minimum. This is something I appreciated, and I believe many will also. The only thing that I would like to see is available iPad version, which is something that could justify its price of $5.


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