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PROS: Very quality made. Strong and durable. Easy installation. Highly usable. CONS: Pricey.

There are a lot of different solutions to removing the clutter from your desk, which is something that most of us have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s just not that simple to keep a desk organized throughout the day, even though this is something that can improve productivity. We all have a computer, sometimes more than one and all kinds of papers and other office material lying around, so it really takes an intelligent approach to remove all this clutter without affecting one’s workflow.

In today’s article I’ll show you one very interesting solution, which I believe many will fall in love with. It’s an attachment to your desk which is able of providing transition from a traditional to a standing desk. You’ve probably heard about standing desks, which is the newest trend in workspace organization. We can all agree that sitting on a chair for up 8 and more hours a day can damage your health in more ways than one, so by having a standing desk you can be more alert and your health will benefit. You can find a lot of studies and discussions about which way of spending your workday is better, so this is something that is still a very active subject of discussion.

WorkFit-P 2

WorkFit-P ($320), made by ErgoTron, is an attachment for a traditional desk which is able of rising your MacBook Air/Pro when you want to work standing up, and you can lower it onto your desk once you decide to return to a previous position. This can be the perfect way to combine two positions, so I believe that most people will be more than happy with it.

Simply said, the WorkFit-P is a rotating arm connected to your desk. You’ll get three pieces which need to be tightly connected. The pole needs to be connected to your desk via provided screws which create very firm clamp. Next, you’ll need to attach the arm onto the pole, and then you’ll need to attach the aluminum tray. Putting the system together is very easy, and after you finish you’ll get a beautifully designed metal arm.

The WorkFit-P is made to work with various MacBook Pro/Air models, and you can place some pencils, a coffee, or a phone onto its tray. You’ll be able to move the tray any way you like, and it will firmly stay in its place. The structure allows some hand rest pressure as well. You won’t be able to place your iMac onto this arm since it’s too heavy, but you can purchase the WorkFit-A which is priced at around $500.

Even though it’s expensive, the WorkFit-P is the best available solution for those who are looking to transition to a standing desk. It will help you be organized, so it’s a very good solution for everyone who’s interested in innovative ways of using their computers without creating a clutter on their desks. Also, it’s beautifully designed and it’s very strong and durable as well. With all this said, I can highly recommend this product.


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