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PROS: Nicely designed UI, clear and intuitive. Lots of useful features and tools. Great performance. Very affordable. CONS: None.

Every once in a while a new application appears in the App Store, trying to bring something new to already exciting world of iOS apps. This kind of applications can be revolutionary in more ways than one, which means that it can bring a new interface design style, some new tools, or innovative gestures. No matter what users liked about it, other developers are surely going to implement it into their applications and the evolution will begin. What’s also important to say is that these changes are very rapid and they appear every few months, which is due to App Store’s high activity and relentless fight for profit and user base.

WriteRight 3

Today we are going to take a look at WriteRight, which is a universal iOS writing app. What’s interesting about this one is that it brings several tools which are there to help you develop and enhance your writing style, which is something I haven’t seen before in an iOS text editor. What this application offers are preloaded synonyms, antonyms and phraseology. Now let’s see how you can use these tools and if WriteRight should be your next writing app of choice.

When I first opened WriteRight, I immediately noticed its nicely designed interface and helpful brief tutorial which explains the main role of this app and some highlighted tools. As you can see from the screenshots, this application is inspired by iOS’ flat design. On the top you can find the main toolbar where the first icon is designed to serve as good old “File” set of options. This is where you can see your recently opened files, trash bin, and you can also find some help and tutorial videos as well. What I also need to mention is that you can use iCloud and Dropbox to keep documents in sync, which works perfectly and can be incredibly helpful. Other icons that you can find in the main toolbar are mainly sharing features and preview tools.

WriteRight 1

Up to this point, WriteRight looked like any other writing app. Once you start writing you’ll notice some novelties as well as its nicely designed virtual keyboard which features additional tools. As you can expect, you’ll be able to use Markdown in its full glory. There are some shortcut commands built right into the virtual keyboard, but you’ll still need to manually enter them. What I need to say is that I recommend looking into tutorials and reading some tips and tricks about this app in order to get access to some amazing shortcuts and gestures. For example, you can increase/decrease the font size by pinching the screen. Luckily, the official website features amazing amount of helpful information as well as rich support section, so you’ll be covered in case you’ve got any doubts or questions.

Once you’re finished writing, you can use WriteRight to enhance your writing by using its built-in thesaurus. Simply select a word or a phrase and you’ll see a pop-up menu from where you can directly insert a new word. You’ll get to use two dictionaries, English and Spanish. Besides using synonyms and antonyms, you’ll get to use the Phraseology tool which can be accessed from the Gear button on the virtual keyboard. This is where you can find truly useful collection of phrases which can be used to substitute the existing phrases that you wrote.

There’s really nothing not to like about WriteRight. This is a full featured text editor which comes with ability to help you enhance your writing style, and it’s only priced at $2.99.


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