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PROS: Very interesting concept. Beautifully designed interface. Great performance. CONS: No iPad version.

Thanks to today’s crowded and incredibly competitive market we are all benefiting from revolutionary services which are enhancing our everyday lives. A certain revolution is happening in almost every field of economy, driving our societies further into development. Perhaps the best way to see this is take a look at today’s IT economy and available services and applications which we all can use on our computers and mobile devices.

In order to stay profitable on such competitive market, it’s necessary always to be on top of this evolution and to drive a business further by being pioneer in some filed. Yahoo has been around for quite some time and proved that it can change in order to survive, even though we all know that this company had its rough periods. Today’s Yahoo is a modern online service which is going through a very important visual identity overhaul, and you can see this by going to its website or by using some of Yahoo’s polished iOS apps.

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If you’re following iOS App Store trends, than you’ve certainly noticed Yahoo’s Weather app which can successfully compete against Apple’s own Weather app. This application is true example of modern UI design and simplicity which doesn’t get in a way of functionality. In this article we’ll take a look at the newest application published by this company, called Yahoo News Digest.

Yahoo News Digest delivers selected news twice a day in a very convenient way, directly to your iOS device. It brings amazingly designed interface, which is very simple and enjoyable to use, but it’s fully functional and well thought-out. Twice a day (at 8am and 6pm ET) you’ll get to see around 10 selected news. These stories are being selected by built-in logarithm which determines most interesting stories and pulls them from Yahoo’s news sources. These updates bring very interesting articles which range in topics, so everyone will find at least one interesting story to read.

Yahoo News Digest will automatically download new batch of articles and present them in a single scrollable column. You’ll get to see headlines, topics and a set of icons which tell you what kind of elements are present in that particular article (like videos, pictures, Wikipedia blurb, map, etc.) so you can determine which one you’d like to read first. Once you tap on a headline, you’ll see a full featured article which brings very pleasurable reading experience. UI design is very easy on eyes and it also features pull quotes, galleries, and even source links which allow you to find out more in case you’re interested.

I am happy to say that Yahoo didn’t bring just another news aggregator, but an application that comes with its own identity. It doesn’t come packed with numerous advanced features and integration with other services, but it does bring very simple way to read interesting stories and stay on top of the latest information.

You can download Yahoo News Digest from the iOS App Store free of charge. Note that you’ll need iOS 7.0 and that there’s no iPad version yet.


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