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PROS: Brings 6000mAh cell inside. Competitive pricing. Quality made product. Two USB ports. CONS: None.

In case you’re following our reviews than you’ve probably heard of ZAGG’s amazing iPad-compatible keyboards, which are one of the best products in their category. Today we are going to bring you yet another ZAGG’s product, but this time we are going to show you another side of this company. In case you’ve only known ZAGG for their keyboards, today you’ll get to learn about one of their battery packs.

In this article we’ll review a product called ZAGGsparq, which is the battery pack compatible with all iOS devices. Even though it comes in several variations, we are going to review its 6000mAh model which is priced at $100. You can also purchase other very similar models, which feature smaller battery sizes (3100mAh – priced at $70, and 1220mAh – priced at $40). There are some small differences between these models, and we’ll explain them in this article.

ZAGGsparq 2

When it comes to design of this battery pack, it features fairly traditional design with a smooth curves and shiny body. It’s very portable and even though this one comes with a high capacitive battery, it doesn’t actually feel heavier than smaller battery packs. This model provides two USB ports, so you can charge two iOS devices simultaneously. You can also see that there are five LED lights which are there to tell you how much power there’s left. One LED light tells you that there’s about 20% of power left, so each light adds up to another 20%, until all of them blink in case the battery pack is fully charged.

What’s interesting about this product is that on the back side you can find a wall adapter. This way you can flip out the prongs and charge the ZAGGsparq without additional cables needed. What’s also important to say is that this model provides two USB ports, which means that you can simultaneously charge two iOS devices from one wall socket. This is a very simple, yet very effective solution which can be of real practical and everyday use.

It’s important to say that other ZAGGsparq models come with only one USB port, so don’t get surprised if you order of those smaller battery packs and see these changes.

ZAGGsparq 1

I haven’t reviewed ZAGG’s battery packs before, so I didn’t have any expectations in terms of their charging speeds and overall performance. After using it for a while and after performing several tests, I am happy to say that the ZAGGsparq features impressive charging speeds. Even though it features a 6000mAh cell, it was able of fully recharging itself in about three and a half to four hours. It also doesn’t get quickly discharged in case you’re not using it for a while, which can be a big issue for many battery packs.

It seems that ZAGG managed to produce a very useful product. By looking at its characteristics and price, it’s clear that the ZAGGsparq is going to be very competitive product on today’s market. I can say that it already earned my general recommendation, since there’s really nothing to not like about this battery pack.


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