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PROS: Beautifully designed UI, very fast and fluid. Great performance. Personalized music choices. Affordable pricing. CONS: None really.

You’ve probably already heard about several incredibly popular Beats headphone models, which are products aimed at bringing great audio quality with modern and sleek design. Even though some of these headphone models can be a real investment, users are very satisfied with them, at least in most cases. The next step for Beats is its own audio streaming service, which is something that has lived through rumors for a while now. Just a few days back, this product went live.

Beats Music joins already crowded market of streaming services, where some of these gathered very large and equally loyal user base. From that point of view it’s clear that this service is going to have a tough job of beating the competition like Spotify, Rdio, Songza, and numerous similar services. On the other hand, Beats is already very well-known and quite popular brand which eases up this process. Continue reading to see what Beats Music can offer, and how it competes against others.

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I am a loyal Spotify user, so I don’t need to say that I am perfectly satisfied with this service. It’s incredibly rich in content, offers great quality and performance, and it’s affordable. This is why I’ll be looking at Beats Music as someone who’s already found its primary streaming service, but who’s interested in switching if a new offer delivers something groundbreaking. And as it turns out, this is exactly what Beats Music is trying to do.

Upon first launch you’ll need to go through initial setup. You’ll be asked to pick your favorites from a list of random artists, where you need to choose which ones you really love, and which ones you simply like or don’t like. The same goes for choosing preferred genres. This initial process will allow some filtration of catered music, but you’ll be able to like or dislike songs as they play. This will only help Beats Music bring you music you really care about. This is truly unique for music streaming services, and I need to say that Beats Music is the first one to offer this level of personalization.

While listening to tracks, Beats Music will help you browse its library and choose music you really like. I was surprised by how nicely its interface is designed, while navigation is very fluid and even fun to play with. You’ll be also able to download tracks for offline listening, and there’s no limit on how many you can download. Process of downloading a song or entire album is very easy and effortless.

You’ll be able to try Beats Music free of charge for a couple of days, but ultimately this is premium priced service. You’ll need to pay $10 per month, which seems like a fair price. There’s also a family plan ($15/per month) for AT&T subscribers.

As someone who’s using Spotify for a long time, I need to say that Beats Music is designed to be very tempting. I am sure this service will live up to its full potential in a very short time.


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