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PROS: Amazingly designed UI. Very good performance. Offers a lot of useful data. Several unique features. CONS: No iPad version.

I am one of those who are always searching for the next great weather app, and I strongly believe that there are many iPhone users out there who feel the same way. It’s fun and very interesting to try out newly released weather apps, since this is a part of the iOS App Store where developers are free to play around with innovative interface design and attention-grabbing gesture controls. There are many cases where an actual weather app brought some kind of innovation which continued its evolution though other iOS apps in a more delicate form.

Every once in a while a new iOS weather app appears in the App Store, grabbing everyone’s attention. The latest in this series is BeWeather. This application isn’t completely new, and there’s already a huge user base ready to download and unlock its premium features. As it turns out, this was once very popular weather app for BlackBerry, and I am sure many of you can remember using it. BeWeather is now available for iPhones, and brings amazingly designed UI and some very interesting features. Continue reading to see what this app offers.

BeWeather 1

BeWeather can be downloaded from the iOS App Store free of charge, but some premium features need to be unlocked before you can use them. Even in its free version this app is fully usable. Upon first launch you’ll need to select a design you like, which acts as a theme in some way. You can also add location that you’d like to track, even though the first location is based on your current position. After just a few swipes you’ll get to the main screen. Transitions between different screens are very fluid and they perform without any glitches, which is something I was surprised with. There are also lots of animations and static images which perfectly complement typography and icon design.

My opinion is that the main screen of BeWeather resembles attractively designed home screen of Yahoo Weather. Still, there are a lot of differences in details and that’s what really makes all the difference. BeWeather will show you the current weather conditions, as well as precipitation for the next couple of hours. You’ll also get to see hourly and 7-day forecast. Swiping will reveal more useful information like sunset and sunrise data, live radar maps, access to numerous webcam images and similar data. This is what the free version brings you, but for only $3 you’ll get additional data like extremely detailed forecast, storm trackers, and push notification for weather alerts based on your current location.

Even though you can find a lot of weather apps which can provide incredible amount of data, BeWeather manages to inform you without getting you overwhelmed. This is where many similar apps failed, so I hope that future apps will follow this example. If you’re currently interested in purchasing a new weather app for your iPhone, I warmly recommend trying out BeWeather and unlocking its premium pack.



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