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PROS: Beautiful interface, very clean and streamlined. Lots of preloaded content. Very capable in terms of editing and available tools. CONS: None really.

The only way to find a truly useful iOS photo editor is to read reviews like this one. This is because there are more than enough of these apps in the App Store, and each one of them promises streamlined interface and abundance of filters. Since most iOS app developers are truly creative, there are some incredibly useful apps, but it’s just that they are becoming increasingly hard to find.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at an iOS photo editor which can be overlooked easily if Apple didn’t decide to showcase it. This app is called Faded, and you can download it from the App Store for only $1. Even though this app offers numerous in-app purchases, the basic version is very useful and incredibly fun to play around.

Faded 2

From the moment I opened Faded for the first time, I was impressed by its clean and intuitive interface. As you surely expect by now, UI design is very flat and iOS7-inspired, but it also brings its own distinctive visual identity which is something that only a few apps can show. From the first moments you start using this photo editor, Faded will try to show you some of its (hidden) features and I was pleasantly surprised by how a developer tried to showcase its own work.

First, let’s start from some basic features. There are more than a few of basic adjustments and camera tools, most of which can be seen in other editors. For example, you’ll be able to set up exposure, brightness, color saturation, and some other useful tools like ability to adjust sharpness, shadows, and graininess as well. You can also use preloaded effects which can be applied to any photo in order to highlight a part of it, or to create a certain visual atmosphere. These effects are light leaks, gradients, emulsions, and preloaded frames. What’s also important to say is that this app remembers all the actions you applied, so you can go back in time and undo any changes you don’t like. Adjustment history is very nicely designed and offers very clear visual representation of tools that you’ve used.

The biggest selling point of Faded are 34 filters that emulate classic film. These filters are unique and even though they bring Instagram-like vibe, they are fully customizable. For example, once you apply an effect you can choose how much it needs to be visible on a photo. Combination of filters and effects can produce hundreds of unique results, so you’ll be able to create your own presets (or actions, as Faded likes to call them). Speaking of premium-priced effects, there are 36 of them and you can purchase packs of similar effects for $1 each, or you can pay $5 to fully unlock this app.

Even in its basic version, without any in-app purchases, Faded is truly usable and incredibly capable photo editor. It’s able to bringing a certain mood to your photos that no other editor can, so I warmly recommend trying it out.


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