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PROS: Easy installation. Very practical and useful. A complete 360-degree rotation. CONS: None really.

The iPhone can be very helpful as a driving assistant, where you can check an address, set up GPS coordinates, or use Siri to get a quick response to your inquiry. Differently said, it’s great to have the phone placed somewhere visible and easily reachable inside your car, no matter if that’s the windshield or dashboard.

There are numerous solutions in terms of mounts and docks which are designed to hold your phone in its place while you’re driving a car. These docks are a bit different than standard iPhone docks, which you can find in almost any IT store. The main mission of iPhone car mounts are to firmly hold your phone, which means that they need to successfully absorb any vibrations, and to allow you to pick up the phone without having to use excessive force. Even though this might sound simple enough, I am pretty sure that you’ll be dissatisfied with many mounts since they can cause a number of problems.

iMagnet Mount 2

In this article we’ll tell you more about the product named iMagnet Mount, which is priced at $25. This is the iPhone mount which can be installed in any car, and on any surface. Even though you might think that these products are very similar in terms of design and functionality, the iMagnet will show you that you’re wrong.

The biggest difference between this iPhone car mount and other similar products is that the iMagnet uses silicone-gel cup in order to achieve firm connection to almost any surface, material and texture. When it comes to materials that you can find in a car, this mount is designed to attach itself remarkably well onto glass or onto a plastic surface. What’s also important to note is that once you remove it you’ll see that there’s no residue left behind, which is also something that you should pay attention to.

The most important thing about smartphone car mounts is how safe they are. I believe I can say that iMagnet is one of the safest I’ve reviewed since it’s able of holding the phone firmly without creating any limitations in terms of usability. In order to place the iPhone onto the mount you’ll need to use a round metallic plate between the case and your phone. This metallic plate is needed because of a magnetic slab on the mount end of iMagnet. If you’re not using a case you can apply an adhesive plate directly to your phone, or you can use the same plate to stick it onto the back side of a case you might be using with your iPhone. This means that there are three ways to make this system work, so I am sure that many users will be happy with this.

The iMagnet is designed to fulfill your every need in terms of usability. It’s able of 360 degree rotation, and a 90 degree swivel. It is quality made and very strong, and most importantly – it’s incredibly easy to set it up and use it on a daily basis.


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