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PROS: Very simple accessory, yet very helpful and useful. Affordable. CONS: Getting your phone out of its grip is a job for two hands.

No matter what kind of handsfree system you’re using while driving your car, I am pretty sure we’ll all had some sort of troubles and issues while reaching for our phones. In other words, it would be so much easier to simply place the iPhone somewhere in a line of driver’s sight, where you can see who is calling, or from where you can easily follow GPS directions.

Kenu’s Airframe Portable Car Mount is here to solve this problem. This is a very simple car mount for your iPhone, able of firmly holding your phone at all times. Thanks to its expandable grasp it’s very easy for use, and installation is also very straightforward. Continue reading to find out more about this helpful little accessory, and to see how it actually works.

Airframe 1

Airframe is about 2” wide and 1” tall, and it’s designed to nicely fit any car interior. It comes in only one color combination, and that’s simple gray and black. On the back side you can see a rotating disk with four angled arms. These arms are made of metal and covered in rubber, and these are crucial in the installation process. The space between these arms is designed to be just enough for either thick or narrow vent grates. What’s also important to say is that this holder can be placed onto any kind of vent, including horizontal, vertical, and angled. Actually, you can place it onto any kind of vent that has a louver.

Once you install the Airframe into your car, you’ll be able to quickly place your iPhone into it simply by extending its holder using a finger. There’s no limit to what kind of iPhone model you can use, since Airframe is compatible with all iPhones and with the iPod Touch as well. The only issue here can be seen when you decide to take the phone out. In order to do this you’ll basically need to use two hands, at least for a while in the beginning. If you simply pull the iPhone away from it, you can easily pull the whole system from the vent. I understand that this problem had to be present, at least in the first edition of Airframe, but I also sure that some users won’t be able to get over this inconvenience.

In general, I would recommend trying out Kenu’s Airframe Portable Car Mount. This is one of those simple accessories which could really enhance your everyday life, especially if you’re spending a lot of time driving. I think we all know how Apple’s iOS can be helpful on many occasions, and I am sure that you’re using its GPS capabilities at least. With Kenu’s Airframe you’ll be able to continue using your phone while driving (at least some of its capabilities, which can legally allowed) without exposing yourself to distractions.

In case you’re interested in Airframe, I suggest looking for its official website where you can preorder it. Its current preorder price is only $25, and first shipments are expected to arrive during March, 2014. 


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