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PROS: Quality made pieces. Easy and effortless installation. CONS: Produces mediocre results. Heavy and bulky. Too much complicated for everyday use.

There are more than a few interesting iPhone accessories whose main role is to enhance video and photo taking abilities. Even though the newest iPhone generation brings amazing lens quality and ability to take very clear and high quality images, there’s always a way to make your photos look better. Some users like photo editors in order to create a unique aesthetics by applying filters and effects, while others search for some hardware solutions in order to improve their image taking capabilities.

In case you like using additional lenses and filters on your iPhone, I am pretty sure that you’re familiar with Olloclip’s Quick-Flip Case which is a product designed to protect your phone from external damaging elements, while providing additional photography equipment which can be mounted onto the case. In this article you’ll get to find out more about a very similar product, which I believe is a direct competitor to Olloclip’s products. We’re about to review mCAMLITE, made by Action Life Media.


What’s unique about mCAMLITE is that it combines several interesting iPhone-related accessories in an effort of becoming “never before seen” product. This $130 system is comprised of the shell-style iPhone case, the aluminum core which holds a macro lens, additional wide angle lens and two caps, a 180-degree microphone attachment, and a faux leather carrying case. As you can see, mCAMLITE comes with numerous pieces and attachments, but which all fit nicely into each other.

The first piece that you’ll need to install is the provided shell-style case. This case is designed to protect your phone while not being used with other accessories. It provides button protection and leaves ports fully exposed. There’s really not that much to say about this case, which seems fine enough as a part of this system. On the other hand, the aluminum frame is much bulkier and heavier, but it’s designed to be placed around the case and it carries one micro lens permanently attached. It will take some force in order to push the phone inside this large digital camera-imitating case, and there’s a hole on the back used to push the phone out once you decide to do so. In case you’re wondering why the additional microphone is included, that because the large metal case will cover iPhone’s back side microphone used to capture audio while recording video. Without using this mic you’ll get very poor results, so it’s highly recommended that you plug it into the headphone port while recording video.

Even though mCAMLITE brings significantly larger lenses in comparison to Olloclip’s Quick-Flip Case, it brings very similar results. In many cases, Olloclip’s lenses even performed better, since mCAMLITE sometimes produced substantial distortion at the edges. Another thing that I need to mention is that there’s no way to remove the lenses from mCAMLITE’s case without removing the whole metal case.

Because of its weight and bulk, I don’t see myself using mCAMLITE on a daily basis. If you’re interested in a product like this, I would recommend the Quick-Flip Case since it is smaller, produces better results, and it’s more affordable (priced at around $100).


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