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PROS: Solves a practical OSX issue. Very simple and intuitive interface. Push notifications. CONS: Interface could be a bit more polished.

Even though Apple’s Photo Stream seems like an exceptional idea, it will take more time until some minor obstacles are out of the way. Having instant access to all your photos on all your iOS and OSX devices at all times is great, but what’s not so great is having to use iPhoto or Aperture each time you need to see one of those photos. When it comes to iOS devices, Photo Stream seem much helpful and embedded into operating system in a much better way. So the question is if there’s any other way to control Photo Stream on our Mac? Continue reading this article to find out more about one of possible solutions.

A software developer Raffael Hannemann created an application using which you can control Photo Stream outside of iPhoto and Aperture. This app is called MyPhotostream and could be downloaded from its official website for $4. This is also from where you can download a trial copy, which I always recommend ahead of making the purchase.

MyPhotostream 3

MyPhotostream is designed to look for all the pictures from your Photo Stream, which are located deep into your OSX. This folder can be access by going to Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement, but I urge you not to use this folder on your own since it can create stability and performance issues with some of Apple’s applications. By using MyPhotostream you can actually access this folder in a safe manner, so you’ll be able to preview and download photos as they come. By opening this application you’ll get to see a grid of thumbnails where the only view options are small, medium, or large size. Photos are going to be organized chronologically, which is something you can normally expect from Photo Stream.

If you’d like to see a picture simply double-click on its thumbnail. You’ll get to see pretty familiar interface, where arrow icons will allow you to flick through your album. What I’ve found strange is that I was unable to use arrow keys on my keyboard to move around, which is something I normally do. I hope this inconvenience will be solved with the future update. You can also use Quick Look to skim through images, and this is where arrow keys work as they normally should. You’ll be also able to perform several operations with the chosen pictures, so you can download it to your hard drive, or send it via email, Messages app, or AirDrop. You can also use sharing options which include Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr – even though this relies on your own configured accounts in OSX’s Internet Accounts. And finally, there’s an option to send a photo to editing, where you’ll see a list of photo editors currently present on your system.

MyPhotostream 2

Before concluding this article, I would also like to mention that MyPhotostream comes with push notifications. There can be some delays in notification system, but I am sure this is how Photo Stream works and this is not something that MyPhotostream is causing.

In case you’re tired of having to open some of Apple’s photo editors to view your Photo Stream, MyPhotostream seems like a good workaround. I recommend downloading its trial copy, so you can try it for yourself.


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