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PROS: Feels comfortable in hand. Offers two tips. Affordable. CONS: Average performance (precision and accuracy). Lack of support for its brush tip.

When it comes to several types of 3rd party iOS-compatible accessories, Apple decided not to publicly approve them even though they are widely popular today. One of those accessories are iPad-compatible styluses, where today you can find some very good models. Apple decided not to promote these mainly because the screen of their tablets are made to receive input from finger-based gestures. This means that all of those available styluses are still useful and fully compatible with the iPad, but the primary method of input isn’t designed to come from this product. After all, this was one of the main differences between the original iPad and the rest of competition, which is something that customers and users liked. Perhaps these are reasons why it’s even more interesting to keep a track of newly released styluses and to note their ever-growing abilities.

Nomad Brush is the company behind several iPad-compatible styluses, where some of those were quite interesting products. Even though none of these products really achieved worldwide success, Nomad Brush is known for including two tips with two different roles which is something that artists, enthusiasts, and painters really loved. In this article we’ll take a look at Nomad Mini 2.

Nomad Mini 2 2

Nomad Mini 2 has come more than two years after the original model, and just by looking at it it’s clear that some improvements were made. This stylus still brings a typical rubber nib, but it also brings paintbrush tip which can be retracted into metallic body. It weighs only 0.6 ounces, which means that its shape and weight feel very nice in hand, and generally it’s very comfortable to hold. This stylus actually resembles any traditional-looking pen when not in use, which is something I believe many potential buyers will appreciate.

Nomad Mini 2 1

Now it’s time to take a look at Nomad Mini’s performance and we’ll start from its rubber tip. After reviewing a number of affordable and premium priced styluses, I’ve learnt what to expect from a stylus designed to work with the iPad. After testing it for a few days I can say that Nomad Mini 2 offers average performance, which means that its accuracy and pressure sensitivity are usable but there’s some room for improvement. On the other hand, this stylus is priced at $35 so if we compare its performance with its attractive price, I think we’ll get a good deal at the end. Of course, there’s also its other tip. This brush tip can be retracted while not in use, which protects its bristles. Even though this seems like a very interesting feature, the main problem here is iPad support for this kind of stylus technology. Some applications are better in this than others, so my advice is to use drawing tools which are supported by Nomad Brush.

For $35, Nomad Mini 2 offers average performance packed into nicely designed body. This sounds like a good deal for average iPad users who are willing to implement a stylus into their routine. In case you care about precision and accuracy, I would suggest going for one of premium-grade products.


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