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PROS: Great UI design, very smart and minimalistic. Some unique features. CONS: You’ll need to pay $3 for an app that’s already on your phone.

In case you’re a developer trying to create an iOS app that Apple already supplied as a stock app with every iOS version, than you’ve got a very difficult job to do. On the other hand, your efforts can be worthwhile if people respond well to your application, since there are a lot of iOS users who are willing to replace some of Apple’s stock apps. That’s why we can see thousands of incredibly powerful weather apps, to-do managers, and calculators as well.

In this article we’ll talk about a calculator. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with iOS’ default Calculator app, in case you’re using it for basic calculations. There are some incredibly powerful complex calculators in the App Store, which are the main tools of work in many professions. Still, we’ll tell you more about a simple calculator app that brings amazing design, which is its main selling point. This app is called Numerical (Calculator Without Equal), and you can download it for $3.

Numerical 2

As I said in the previous paragraph, Numerical is trying to replace Apple’s own Calculator app. This means that you’ll be able to use it for basic (or non-complex) operations. It brings great UI design, clearly inspired by iOS7, but it also brings several small features which are there to give identity to this little app.

The first time you open Numerical you’ll get the see a short tutorial which will give you some basic information. Once you get to the main screen you’ll get to see nicely designed UI that could be one of the best examples of flat design. It features striking gradient of purples and reds in the background, while the typography is very light, but noticeable. I am sure that there are some users who don’t like this kind of minimalistic typography, but this app is designed for those who are in love in iOS7 and its freshly introduced flat designed principles.

If you take a closer look at the screenshots, you can notice that Numerical comes without “=” button, which means that you’ll get the results instantly. This button is omitted in order to reduce one step in the calculation, and to free up some space on the screen. It might take some time until you get used to this, but this is nothing serious so I am sure that you’ll quickly learn your way around.

Speaking of some features that Numerical brings which are unavailable with Apple’s Calculator app, there are a couple of them. For example, you’ll get to review your entries by swiping to the left side of the screen where you’ll see your history of inputs. You can copy any entry from this list. Also, if you need to use previously used answer in your next equation, you can swipe down across the answer in order to insert it. These little additions are very interesting, and they can be very useful as well.

Numerical is very interesting iOS calculator that can successfully compete even against iOS’ stock app. Even though some people won’t like paying $3 for an app that they already have on their phones, I would still recommend trying out this interesting app.


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