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PROS: Visually pleasing. Very effective to-do list manager. Affordable. CONS: Available only for iPhones, no iPad version yet.

There are thousands of to-do apps in the iOS App Store, where each one offers some feature designed to beat Apple’s own Reminders app. Actually, Apple’s solution for creating notes and reminders is very basic and primitive, so you can already find a number of free to-do apps which are more useful. If you’re interested in paying a few dollars for a bit more powerful application of this kind, than we’ve got a suggestion for you.

Orderly is an iOS app designed to serve as a to-do list manager. It has been in the App Store for a while now, but it was recently updated with new features and all-new iOS7-inspired look, so we decided to try it. Orderly is priced at $1, and it doesn’t bring any in-app purchases so it’s fully unlocked once you download it.

Orderly 2

The first thing you’ll see once you open Orderly for the first time is its very extensive tutorial. This tutorial will try to explain many things at once, so it might be overwhelming for new users. However, Orderly is all but complex or complicated. Even though it brings fairly intuitive interface, which means that most users are going to be able to work even without learning tutorial tricks, there are some very interesting gesture controls used to access different features. The only way to learn these is to pay attention while Orderly tries to teach you about its interface, or to visit its official website.

Orderly is not just another simple to-do app which allows you to add a list of things you need to do. This app comes with some very interesting features which are easy to use, and which are very effective as well. One of those is ability to create lists within lists, which can surely help you organize all your items a little bit better. You can also create Home and Work views, which is something that I’ve found particularly helpful. Different themes are also available, which is yet another way to visually separate different lists and items, and to prioritize them in more ways than one.

Once you add a new item to a list, there are two ways to prioritize it. You can do it manually by placing it on top of the list, or you can use due-dates to allow Orderly to determine which tasks are urgent. You can also create location aware reminders, which I am sure is something that you already use with Apple’s Reminders app. This works very well in practice and can be of real help to remind you of a task that needs to be taken care of.

What’s interesting about Orderly is that it doesn’t bring anything revolutionary, but instead it brings very well though-out solution to keeping yourself organized. It’s simple enough to be used on a daily basis, and it’s visually pleasing as well. In case you use the iPhone 5C, you can select a theme which corresponds to your phone’s color, which is a nice touch.


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