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PROS: Subtle colors, easy on eyes. Integration with several read-later services. Reliable performance. CONS: No importing of separate files (Word or PDF).

Have you ever wondered how much reading you do on a daily basis only by using your iPhone. I guess most people would be surprised by how much time they spend reading articles and browsing new apps, without even wondering if there’s a better way of keeping yourself focused on a material. Even though several last iPhone generations brought improved Retina displays which ease up eye strain, most of us still need to pinch and move in order to properly position text and read all at once.

In case you’re interested in finding a way of being focused on reading on your iPhone, there are quite a few applications in the iOS App Store designed to help you with this issue. Most of them are designed to give you a few lessons on quick reading, which improves your reading dexterity in the long run. One of those applications is Outread ($2), and you’re just about to find more about this skill building iOS app.

Outread 1

Outread is designed to help you improve reading speed by guiding your eyes using fast moving marker. This is the main principle of fast reading, which also makes you more focused. This means that you should improve your speed as well as comprehension of material you’re reading.

This application can pull articles from other iOS applications like Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability. You can also input any web articles by copying URL, but you can also copy a text file. This will automatically open up the article you want to read, and before pressing “play” you’ll need to set up a few parameters. As you can see from the pictures, you’ll be able to choose reading speed, which applies to how many words in a minute you can read. Start slowly, and I am sure you’ll gradually increase your reading speed, which is something that Outread can support by providing you with advanced level of fast reading. You can also choose how many characters the marker size should take, which is also something that you should be able to improve over time. Marker is actually a highlighted word which moves as you read the article, gliding from one word to another. Reading speed actually applies to how fast you want this marker to glide, which means that both of these parameters are interconnected.

Besides being able of choosing reading speeds and marker sizes, you can also change text size. I believe these are three main parameters that every fast-reading app should have, and Outread has done a good job of optimizing their performance. What I also need to mention is its minimalistic UI, which brings subtle color palette and fine animations. There’s also a nighttime reading mode, which turns the background black while coloring the letters white.

There isn’t actually anything that I would add to Outread. This is a very simple application, which can be highly useful. If you still haven’t tried any of quick reading techniques, I would recommend trying out this application which offers great first step in acquiring this skill.


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