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PROS: Beautifully designed UI, very clean and smart. Great performance. Caters interesting content. CONS: None really.

If you’re a Facebook user (and the chances are that you are) than you’ve probably noticed that this website is currently celebrating its 10th birthday. This is not just a simple birthday video that you can create for yourself on your account page, but instead this is a very serious project for Facebook which is trying very hard to stay relevant.

There’s also another important side of Facebook’s progress and evolution, and those are mobile services which are trying to suck you into this giant social network. For example, there’s Messenger for staying in touch with your friends, Instagram is there to share photos, and now there’s Paper which can be used for reading interesting articles.

Paper, by Facebook 2

This article will tell you more about Paper, which can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge. You don’t even have to look deeper into the Store, since Apple has put this app on the front page for at least a few weeks now.

Paper can be seen as one of the Facebook’s attempts to offer new services without scaring existing users. In order to stay current, this social network is always working on enhancing and overhauling its appearance, and we all know that people can be scared of these things. Just remember all the bad comments about Facebook’s Timeline, or when News Feed was first introduced. Paper is also a new side of Facebook, but this one is optional and this is something that most people will appreciate.

Once you open Paper for the first time, you’ll get to choose labeled cards which are used to filter catered content. There are 17 topics to choose from, and you can also organize them according to your interests. What I liked about this UI layout is that you don’t have to see News Feed every time you open this app, which means that it’s not as aggressive as some other social network services. Gesture control is very intuitive, and you’ll have to swipe left or right to preview stories which can be opened by swiping towards the top. Once you open a new story, you’ll get to read it in-app. If you decide to share it, you can do it very quickly, which is what Paper is all about.

According to Facebook’s official statement, all the stories that you see via Paper are curated by real human editors. I believe in this, since I’ve found that many stories are very interesting and closely related to my interests. This is not the case with Flipboard (to take one example), where you can see the same article repeatedly many times, which means that its algorithm needs further improvement.

I believe that Facebook created Paper not just to offer yet another service, but instead to become a legitimate way to care about your social network account. This is certainly the best way to find numerous attention-grabbing stories and to share them with your friends. Besides this, Paper is still the way to see what you friends are up to, so there’s a very strong (but not as prominent) social side.


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