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PROS: Great build quality. Very nice and visually pleasing design. Very affordable. CONS: Extremely basic and simple.

It’s been almost a year since we reviewed the Pogo Connect, which was the newest addition to a world of iPad-compatible styluses at the time. This stylus didn’t really live up to its expectations since it was unable to bring some features which were standard even a year ago, and it was priced higher than expected.

Now it’s time to take a look at another try of creating a popular Pogo stylus, made by Ten One Design. This company decided to introduce entry level stylus simply named Pogo, which means that this one can be considered as the newest generation of the original Pogo, introduced back in 2009. This one is priced at $20, which seems fair enough for entry-level stylus, so continue reading to learn more about the newest Pogo.

Pogo Stylus 2

I believe that many people will get a very positive first impression once they see the newest Pogo for the first time. Like its predecessors, this stylus is made of aluminum, but this one comes with a matte black plastic head which holds the tip. It’s a little bit shorter than the Pogo Connect, but it still feels like a traditional pen once you take it in your hand. This also goes for its weight and shape, so it’s very comfortable for use which is very important for every stylus that enters the market. There’s also something new about this model, and that is a black metal clip which allows you easily carry this stylus with a number of iPad cases. If you don’t need this functionality you can also remove this clip. This can be done by unscrewing the end cap and taking out the clip – very easy and effortless.

When it comes to its rubber tip, it’s very simple and there’s really nothing that special about it. The important thing is that it’s removable, so you can purchase a set of two extra tips for $8. The tip is sturdy enough and it really feels like using a traditional pen. When it comes to performance, you should know that Pogo is an entry-level product, meaning that you shouldn’t expect premium quality and very fine detailing while sketching. This stylus can be used to take notes using your iPad, or even to draw. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your iPad in terms of digital painting, I would suggest going for a more expensive stylus, which should bring features like high pressure sensitivity and efficient palm rejection. In other words, Pogo brings very nice design, great build quality, and very competitive price. On the other hand, it lacks many useful features as well as the newest generation of Bluetooth technology, which severely limits its use.

In case you need a stylus to take notes using your iPad, or if you simply like using one while browsing the web or playing games, I would recommend the newest Pogo ($20). If you’re interested in a bit more advanced features and digital painting, I would advise you to look for a premium-grade product.




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