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PROS: Authentic-looking Polaroid effects. Lots of preloaded content. Very affordable. CONS: iPhone and iPad versions are separate. Can’t import images from albums.

During the last couple of years we’ve seen a number of Polaroid-licensed products, which was a decision made by this well-known company in order to prolong life of its most popular brand. Even though it was clear that Polaroid’s name won’t be applied to just about any product, it seems that the initial criteria was lowered after a while, so today it’s significantly easier to get to this brand.

You can find Polaroid-licensed products even in the iOS App Store, and this article will bring you a review of an application created to help you take digital Polaroid shots. We’re about to review Polamatic, which can be downloaded from the App Store for only $1.

Polamatic 1

Even though it might look like this is just one more iOS photo editor, there are several unique things about Polamatic. In contrast to many photo editors, this application is dedicated to bringing you Polaroid-related effects which feel more authentic than those created by Instagram, to name one example. After you take your first picture using Polamatic, you’ll get to see a virtual image being processed down the screen, imitating old-fashioned Polaroid camera. There’s even a sound effect which follows this little show. Once you get to see your newly taken image, that’s when you can start playing.

One of the basic operations that you can do with Polamatic-taken image is cropping, filtering, and framing. There’s no complex editing and multiple filter combinations, simply because these things weren’t available in the original Polaroid camera. When it comes to applying filters, all you need to do is tap on a filter and it’ll be automatically applied. There are 36 filters to choose from, and most of them are nicely designed and able of truthfully representing original Polaroid flares and vintage looks. You can also add a frame around your photo, and there are 36 frames built-in. These frames also look nice, and you’ll get to choose from new-looking ones up to some very old, used, and vintage-looking Polaroid frames.

Something that I really liked is ability to add text to a picture, the same way how people would add caption on the bottom edge of instant prints. Just like with other categories, you’ll get to use 36 preloaded fonts and styles.

When it comes to sharing, you’ll get to use services like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The good news is that you’ll be able to re-edit images at any time, and export them at their highest possible resolution (up to 2282×2771 px).

If you’re a fan of instant Polaroid prints, I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy using Polamatic. This application is one of a few iOS apps able of reproducing authentic and original-looking Polaroid effects, which is certainly its biggest selling point. It’s also priced at only $1, and since it is packed with a lot of preloaded content, this surely sounds like a great deal.

Finally, it’s important to note that this review applies to Polamatic for iPhone. This one can’t be used on iPad, and you’ll need to purchase a separate version (priced at $2), which comes with in-app purchases and some differences.


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