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PROS: Rugged looks. Attractively priced. CONS: Misleading marketing. Failed to provide any valid certification. Very poor performance.

Buying a new battery pack can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t have any knowledge of what kind of specifications you’re looking for. Even if you do know what kind of battery would suit you the best, the truth is that in many occasions you’ll find different results in everyday life. I strongly believe that reviews like this one are the only way to truly know what kind of battery pack is a good investment, and what products to avoid.

We already brought you numerous helpful reviews of some of the most popular battery packs, like Mophie’s Juice Pack, ZAGG’s ZAGGsparq, and Pinlo’s Power Slice. Some of these products are designed to be used with iPhones, while others are iPad-compatible as well. What this means is that their capacities and output speeds can work with tablets, which naturally require more power than smartphones. In this article we’ll take a look at one of those dual-role battery packs, which comes from New Trent.

PowerPak Ultra 1

New Trent’s PowerPak Ultra is designed to bring high-capacitive battery of 14,000mAh at only $70, which sounds like a very good deal. Continue reading to see how this battery pack operates in everyday life, and if you should consider making it your next purchase.

On a first look, PowerPak Ultra looks ruggedized and ready to take on any kind of situation. Upon further research I’ve learnt that its looks are actually deceiving. Even though New Trent used to advertise this product as water-, shock-, and dirt-proof, it failed to get any valid certification. The official website even shows this battery pack placed into water, but I believe this is all just misleading marketing. On the other hand, it does bring port protection and rugged looks which many potential buyers are going to like.

As you can see from the pictures, this brick-shaped battery pack offers two outputs, meaning that you can charge your iPad and iPhone at the same time. These outputs are 2.1Amp and 1.0Amp. On the top you can see the power button and right next to it are four LED lights. When it comes to high-capacitive batteries, I strongly believe that four LED lights are simply not enough to signalize how much power there’s left, especially if you know that this one brings 14,000mAh cell inside. This is certainly not a major downside, but a minor inconvenience that could have been solved better.

When it comes to performance, various tests showed disappointing results. In theory, this battery brings 14,000mAh cell which means the newest iPad should receive up to 117% charge. Our test showed that the best achievable result was only 90% which is far less than advertised. Other reviews around the web showed pretty much the same result, which means that this battery pack failed to live up to its promise. Also, charging speeds are unusually long for 2.1Amp outputs.

There are several issues with the newest New Trent’s battery pack, from misleading marketing to failed promises in terms of performance. Even though it brings very affordable price, it simply doesn’t look like a good deal.


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