Even though there are numerous hardcore games in the iOS App Store, I still like those simple ones the best. Even though I can see how interesting it is to fully immerse yourself into the story and gameplay, simple games offer quick fix of fun and entertainment. If you take a look at the App Store rankings, you’ll see that many iOS users agree with me about gaming on their iPhones and iPads.

Stop is the name of one of the newest additions to App Store in terms of word-play games. This one is designed to offer you fast paced gameplay, which usually lasts only a couple of minutes so you’ll need to think very fast. Stop is free to download from the App Store, but there are numerous in-app purchases which we’ll talk about later in this article.

Stop 1

The idea behind this app is very simple. You’ll need to select a letter so you’ll have to find words from several categories which begin with that particular letter. For example, you can choose to play with the letter “G”, so you’ll quickly need to come up with words which are beginning with this letter from categories like: countries, animals, colors, languages, and sports.

Even though this game is very fun and entertaining once you download it and start playing it, you’ll see that you’ll quickly learn all the possibilities and combinations of categories. In order to continue playing, as well as to raise the complexity of Stop, you can purchase additional categories which are priced at $1 each. Currently, there are about 10 categories that you can purchase and some of them are: car manufacturers, NBA players, Oscar-nominated actors, country capitals, and more. Even though this seems like a good way for developers to earn some money, I would like to see an option to win these categories without having to pay for them. This is one of the ways to reward the most persistent players, since Stop is basically a playable demo version in this basic and free App Store form.

A lot of nice things could be said about Stop. First of all, it brings nicely designed interface which is also very responsive as well. Every single screen of this app is thoughtfully designed and brings just enough information to be enjoyable and not overwhelming. There are numerous achievements for those players who like winning and unlocked them, and there’s also an option to play against your friends. This competitive play is able via Game Center or by using Facebook to connect with others. It seems to me that this game is lacking its own way to connect players, since it can be very tedious to use Game Center or Facebook in order to find someone who’s really into this game.

Even though there are some rough edges, Stop can be very fun and entertaining. Even though I would’ve liked to see its basic version a bit more complex and content-rich, if you’re ready to pay for its additional content you’ll be able to fully enjoy in this simple yet addictive game.


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