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PROS: Very interesting concept and idea. Exquisitely designed interface. Very fun to use. Good performance. Free of charge. CONS: Limited in some ways (text editing and navigation).

Each week there are a few notable apps highlighted in the iOS App Store, which are usually new and interesting apps hand-picked by Apple. The last week was all about Storehouse, so if you took a look at the App Store during that time you were able to see this application in Apple’s own carousel of highlighted apps. After several days of reading reviews around the web, both from IT writers and users as well, we took this application for a test so today we’re bringing you our findings.

Right after the first start I noticed one of a few reasons why Apple decided to promote this application, and that’s because of its minimalistic interface. Storehouse certainly features very similar design language as many of Apple’s own iOS7 tools, but also brings a freedom of 3rd party thinking and some fresh ideas. As it turns out, this visual storytelling app comes from a developer who’s an ex-Apple designer, so it’s not surprising to see similarities with some other iOS tools.

Storehouse 1

As you’ll see from its elegantly designed tutorial, this application can be used to create collages of photos, videos, and text, which can be shared with others. In my opinion, Storehouse uses some principles of collaging apps and iOS journaling apps, but it succeeds in creating the right balance. The initial tutorial will tell you that you can use photos and videos from Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram, and your camera roll, where each project can contain up 50 photos and/or 30-second video. You’ll need to pick a layout, which might seem like picking a theme. What’s interesting about creating a new layout is that it’s fully customizable, meaning that you can rearrange placeholders for photos and videos, but you can also do some basic editing of a photo itself like scaling and moving it within its own placeholder. When it comes to text, I am disappointed to say that this part of Storehouse is quite limited. You’ll be able to insert text in its own placeholders, but you can’t select fonts, colors, sizes, or anything similar to this.

Storehouse 3

Once you’re finished creating your project, you can save it as a draft or you can publish it. While there are standard iOS7 sharing tools which include several social networks, what I particularly liked is that you can share a link to someone who’s using a desktop computer. A recipient will be able to open your project in a web browser, so this kind of cross platform and different screen size integration is very useful.

Even though there’s a real practical use for Storehouse even today, it still feels like a 1.0 version. There’s a lot of potential for this application, and there are also many useful ideas circling around numerous user reviews. Some of those ideas are improved navigation, integration with video editing apps, and adjustments to text editing. What I would really like to see is how this application is going to be developed in the future, since it has the power to become one of the most popular visual storytelling apps in the App Store.


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