Bamboo Bookcase for iPad Mini
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PROS: Very interesting design. Use of wood. Provides sturdy protection. CONS: Can’t be used as a stand. Needs time adjusting to its shape and dimensions.

Even though most iPhone cases are very affordable and they offer a lot for their price, if you’re willing to spend some extra money you might be surprised by how interestingly designed cases you can find. Most of those premium grade iPhone cases are made of natural materials, and they mostly offer manually finished contacts and surfaces, which increases their build quality. On many occasions you’ll get to choose from cases made of wood, which provides interesting looks and very tactile textures.

In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at a case made of wood, but this one is compatible with the iPad Mini. This case is named the Bamboo Bookcase, and it’s made by Primovisto. You can purchase it for $50, but you can also find stylized Bamboo Bookcases with engraved shapes on the front side, priced at $60. I was very interested in reviewing this case since you can’t actually find very often a folio-style case made of wood. Continue reading to learn more about its design and functionality.

Bamboo Bookcase 2

Bamboo Bookcase is designed to resemble a book with hard covers. Because of used materials, this case will double the height of your tablet, rising it up to about 0.8”. The front and the back plate are completely made of wood, and so is the frame that holds the tablet firmly in its place. The wood doesn’t provide any noticeable texture since it is very smooth, but it feels nice in hand. The spine is made of hardened cloth, which could be found inside the case as well. As you can see from the pictures, this is a traditional folio-style case which brings very strong and sturdy materials, without trying to be too thin, elegant, or unique.

What’s also important to mention are port and button openings. These can be found in the frame surrounding the tablet, and you’ll get to use openings for the sleep/wake button, volume and side switch, and there’s also a generous opening along the right edge which is used to lift the tablet. There are also openings for the headphone and Lightning port, but since these are deeply recessed I am sure you won’t be able to use any angled or non-standard 3rd party cables.

Bamboo Bookcase 3

You’ll be able to place the tablet into the frame without any problems, since the frame is designed to tightly surround your tablet. Once you close the front cover you can use provided elastic band to keep this case shut. When it comes to everyday use, it takes some time to adjust to using the tablet placed inside a thick frame, but this is nothing to be concerned about. Still, there are some things that I would’ve liked to see changed. First, it would be nice to have an option to create a stand, with multiple viewing angles optionally. It would be great if Bamboo Bookcase provided some button protection, since the current design provides access to dirt so you’ll need to occasionally clean these openings and your tablet as well.


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