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PROS: Very interesting idea, properly executed. Provides NFC functionality. Great build quality. CONS: Needs more payment partners. Still feels like a novelty.

As you surely know by now, iPhone cases come in all forms of design and functionality. You can already find a lot of useful reviews of iPhone/iPad cases on MacReview, including some wallet cases. These cases are designed to allow you to store several credit cards on the back of your phone, so you don’t have to carry your wallet all the time. In this article we’ll talk about one of a newly released wallet cases, but this one comes with some unique features.

Incipio’s Cashwrap Wallet Case is a standard-looking case which comes with the payment options that are very intriguing. Cashwrap adds tap-to-pay functionality at NFC terminal, which means that you can make payments right from your phone. It’s currently available for customers on AT&T and Verizon networks. You can purchase Cashwrap case for $70.

Cashwrap Wallet Case 2

On a first look this case looks just like any other iPhone case. It brings very nice aesthetics and soft lines, which is something that Incipio is known for. You can order it in black, white, or pink. This color refers to the back side of the case, since a rubber bumper always comes in black. As you can see from the pictures, there’s a small plastic addition to the bottom of the phone, which is where the Lightning plug is located. Installation is very simple, and all you need to do is to place the iPhone at an angle, slide it onto the Lightning plug, and then simply push it into the case. When it comes to removal, it can be somewhat problematic since you’ll need push the phone out by applying force through the camera role.

When it comes to protection, Cashwrap case is doing a good job. If you’d like to fully protect your phone you’ll need to purchase a screen guard, since a rubber bumper provides only a small lip around the screen. Also, all the buttons are covered, but you shouldn’t have any problems with their tactility.

On the back side you’ll see a removable part which reveals a microSD card underneath. This card adds NFC capabilities to your iPhone. In order to make a payment you’ll need to use an app called Isis Mobile Wallet. You’ll first need to create digital versions of your cards, and this can be done by entering needed information right into the iOS app. You can use American Express Cards, as well as cards issued by Chase and Wells Fargo. There’s also an option for those who use cards from other banks, so you can setup an account with American Express Serve which can be used as a prepaid solution. You can also add some loyalty cards, even though you can currently only use Coca-Cola and Toys”R”Us cards.

Making a payment is very simple. You’ll need to open the app and enter your PIN. Wait for a couple of seconds until your card is ready to be used, and then hold the back of your phone against the NFC terminal.

Even though the Cashwrap Wallet Case sounds like a great deal, I would wait some time until I decide to purchase it. This system still feels like a novelty, and it will need some time until more payment partners are supported, as well as the locations where you can use it.


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