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PROS: Nicely designed UI, very clean and readable. Simple data input. Several useful tools. CONS: No iPad version. No backup/sync.

If you need some assistance sorting out your personal finances, your iPhone might be of some help. You can find dozens of helpful personal finance apps in the iOS App Store, which means that you can become better organized with a tool that’s priced at just a couple of dollars. As you can assume, these applications can’t compete against some professional-grade desktop apps, but they can be useful enough.

Clara is one of a newly released personal finance iOS apps. This application promises to help you manage your money easily and effortlessly. You can download it for $4, and there are no in-app purchases.


Just by looking at Clara’s icon I assumed that this application will embrace currently popular flat design philosophy, and I wasn’t wrong about this. This app brings eye-catching white theme and easily readable typeface, which creates a very interesting and attractively designed user interface. Some information is presented differently colored, which is the main way to recognize your income and expenses. The first time you open this app you’ll see a tutorial, which promises to tell you more about Clara. You can also skip it, which seems reasonable enough since this app is very user friendly so I believe that you’ll be able to start working right from the start.

Clara provides multiple tools, which are all accessed from the bottom-positioned menu. These tools are: All Records, Insights, Compose, Recurring, Savings, Search, and Settings. As you can see from the screenshots, there are only five places for icons, so you’ll be able to change the last two tabs and customize them to your needs.

The main view of Clara can be accessed by going to the All Records tab. You can also add a new entry by tapping the compose button. Unlike most complex personal finance apps, which are usually very confusing and come with complicated input, Clara is very simple and intuitive. You’ll get to insert the amount, choose if that’s an expense or income, select the date, and join that entry to a specific category. These categories are created by you, and they also play important role in providing reports. You can also create recurring entries, which is incredibly helpful.

As I said earlier, you’ll get to see an overview of your transactions in the All Records tab. This is where you can see some latest transactions, as well as your current month’s progress. The Insights tab is there to provide you with a breakdown of your money by showing categories and groups. The Savings tab allows you to see if you’ve saved some money, and your progress towards a specific goal.

Finally, you can use extensive settings to make this application work for you the best way possible. You can set up a currency, add a passcode protection, and export/import data.

The only two things that I would’ve liked to see is iPad compatibility, and some sort of backup/sync feature which could be added through iCloud or Dropbox. Still, these are not very problematic issues, so I highly recommend Clara if you’re looking for a personal finance app.


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