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PROS: Very quality made product. Natural materials. Very useful. CONS: Position of elastic strap can be annoying at times.

A while back we brought you a review of Durables iPad Sleeve, made by DODOcase, which received very high rating. This was one of those leather cases that simply amaze you the first time you see it. Now it’s time to take another interesting DODOcase product for a test and see how it competes against other leather-made iPhone wallet cases, which are usually considered as premium grade products.

Just like you can expect from this San Francisco based company, the iPhone 5/5S wallet case is made of very quality and fine leather. It’s clear that this a well-made product once you take it in your hand, since you can really feel how sturdy it is. You’ll be able to choose from two variants: the one covered in natural (beige), or the one covered in black colored leather. This wallet case can hold your iPhone, and up three credit cards, as well as some cash.

DODOcase Leather Wallet 3

If you open this folio-style wallet case you’ll see that its left side is made to hold credit cards and cash, while the right side contains a plastic shell-style iPhone case. Your phone will fit into this case without any problems, and it easily snaps in and out of place. This can be very important to those who like to take out their phones to take a picture for example, since this case allows just that without compromising on protection. The left side of this case is where you can hold some credit cards and cash. There are three sliders for your cards, and under them you’ll find one large pocket. There’s no room for coins, but this is something that you can expect from almost any iPhone-compatible wallet case.

As you can see from the pictures, there’s an elastic strap that you can fold over the front cover in order to keep the case closed. This system feels and looks nice, and it will protect from falling out anything that you place inside this wallet. If you take a look at the back side you’ll see that this elastic strap covers the camera cutout, which means that you’ll need to fold it over if you want to take a picture with your phone. Even though this is not something to be worry about, position of this strap can be annoying at times, especially if you really like taking pictures or shooting videos.

DODOcase Leather Wallet 2

In our previous review of DODOcase’s product, we highlighted how quality made it is. These products are actually hand-made, which also reflects on their price. However, this means that you can use these cases for a very long time, and I am sure that you won’t encounter any problems. This is probably the biggest selling point of this leather wallet case.

DODOcase’s leather wallet is priced at $70, and you can choose from two color combinations. You can also order personalized monogram (gold or black colored) for additional $10. Even though this looks like a lot of money for an iPhone case, I believe this product is well worth it.


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