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PROS: Eye-catching UI design. Implementation of advanced gesture controls. High level of customization. CONS: Serious performance issues. Occasional crashes. Push notification are struggling to work.

Almost a year ago we brought you a review of Evomail, an iOS e-mail client. This was before iOS7 appeared and when all apps featured what now seems like an old-fashioned UI design. During all this time, this application went through several updates so I was eager to try its newest version and see if previously mentioned performance issues were resolved. What I also need to say is that I’ve reviewed Evomail for OSX, which turned out to be more useful and better functioning e-mail client than its iOS counterpart.

With the newest update, which brought Evomail+ up to its 2.0.5 version, this application is telling us that this is now the modern email client for your iPhone. What this means is that it offers up-to-date UI design and interesting gesture navigation that resembles other email clients, like Mailbox for example. This application is still free to download and use, and there are no in-app purchases.

Evomail+ for iPhone 2

I had high expectations for Evomail+, and I really hoped that this app retained its nicely designed UI and resolved some serious performance issues that I’ve encountered before. Sadly, I was disappointed right from the start since I had a trouble setting up my account. Evomail+ was unable to sign me up and showed numerous network errors, and even crashed a few times during this process. I was very persistent and I finally managed to add my Gmail account. You’ll be able to add any kind of IMAP account, including email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud. There’s no Exchange support, however.

Once I got to the main screen I need to say that I was impressed with its UI design. Evomail+ is updated to perfectly fit iOS7 and its flat design. You can add multiple accounts, and these are going to be color coded, which will ease up navigation while finding your way through unified inbox. Gesture controls are also very interesting, and it seems that Evomail+ employs all kinds of gestures. There are some standard ones like swiping left to delete a message, or swiping right to archive it. I if you tap and hold on a message you’ll get to see nicely designed contextual menu where you can use actions like: Label, Snooze, Star, and Read.

When it comes to composing a new message, you’ll first need to select recipients which means that Evomail+ will look into your contacts. Then, you can write your message or add attachments. You can use library items, capture a photo, or use a cloud service like Dropbox.

It’s also nice to mention that this app offers very extensive settings menu and customization. You’ll be able to modify gestures and UI layout.

Even though I was very impressed by how Evomail+ looks and feels, I still had some issues with its performance. I did experience an occasional crash, and I sometimes needed to wait for a while until this app loads all my messages. Push notifications are problematic as well. It’s a real shame to see that even after all this time Evomail still suffers from the same performance issues as before.


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