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PROS: Very elegant and light. Easy installation. CONS: Leaves the screen fully exposed and unprotected.

In contrast to numerous folio-style iPhone cases that we reviewed lately, in this article we’ll turn to an old-fashioned shell style case. By taking a look at several lists of bestselling items at several popular retailers, I’ve noticed that there’s no clear rule which can tell us what type of an iPhone case is primarily popular. After all, this smartphone is one of the most popular phones worldwide which means that there’s an enormous user base. In order words, the market is large enough for many accessory manufacturers to survive and make some profit.

The Glacier Case, made by Swiss-Case, is one of the newest minimalistic additions to available accessories for iPhone 5 and 5S. This one is priced at $30, which sounds like a great price, but let’s take a deeper look into its design and actual functionality.

In order to gain some attention in today’s crowded and extremely competitive market, an iPhone case needs to bring fresh and interesting idea. The Glacier Case is trying to do this by offering very thin and minimalistic case, with large openings on the back side of the phone. I like elegant and very thin cases, so I was pleasantly surprised once I unwrapped this one. It’s made of a very sturdy silicon and plastic, and what’s important to highlight is how easy it is to install and remove it. Some cases are very tight, while others can be a bit loose, but this seems to be just perfect. Also, removal is very effortless so even after I tested it many times, I was unable to see any scratches or any other signs of damage.

Glacier Case 1

Since the Glacier Case is so thin, you’ll get very easy and effortless access to all the buttons and ports. There are generous openings around these buttons and ports, and there’s one large opening on the bottom side of the phone. This will be great for those who use 3rd party Lightning cables and some other charging accessories like stands and docks. The back side brings interesting pattern of holes, and the only thing that I was concerned about is if the camera will function properly. I am happy to say that this case won’t produce any light leaks or similar issues.

Finally, there’s one thing that can be a deal breaker for some potential users. As it turns out, there’s no extruded surface around the screen which can prevent it from being scratched. This case is actually so slim and thin that it completely exposes the front side, so my recommendation is to use a screen film in order to protect it. I know that this is something that’s very important to many users, so I am disappointed to say that the Glacier Case fails to bring proper protection.

If you’re interested in purchasing this case, you can currently find it priced at $30, even though its original price was around $38. You’ll get to choose from three colors: black, red, and blue.


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