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PROS: Nicely designed UI, very clear and warmly-colored. Custom alarms and other useful tools. CONS: The main view can’t be customized or altered.

I believe there are a lot of freelancers out there who use their iOS devices to keep in touch with their coworkers. Also, many companies are not worried anymore about geographical limitations, so you can score a great job if you’ve got great skills and if you’re interested in offering them to some overseas company. These are all reasons why we all need a reliable Clock app on your iPhones and iPads, which will give us more info on time zones across the world. Anyone who has ever worked with someone on the other side of the world, or even a country, knows how valuable this can be.

If you need a solution to this problem, you can look for an app in the iOS App Store. You can find thousands of apps which are promising to deliver useful info on time zones and a bunch of other useful tools, so it can get overwhelming when you try to select which one to purchase. Luckily, MacReview is here to help you choose the right app.

Globo 2

In this article we’ll take a look at Globo, a newly released iOS app designed to bring you a world clock. It’s currently featured as one of the best new apps in the iOS App Store, which tells you that this is not just another world clock app. You can download it for only $1.

The first time I opened Globo I was pleasantly surprised by its interface. It brings simplistically designed UI combined with modern and elegant typography, along with some simple icons and graphics. The first thing you’ll need to do is to add several cities to the main screen of this app. You can tap on the “+” sign and start typing to get some results. This step is practically the same as in Apple’s Clock app, which also serves as a world clock. You can also choose your main reference location.

As you continue adding more cities to Globo’s list, you’ll get to see all of them in the main view. If you click on any of those cities you’ll be taken to another screen, which brings three icons in the bottom positioned toolbar. The first icon will show you some information about that particular city so you’ll get to see its time zone, whether or not daylight saving time is in effect, and the time relative to your main reference location. Other tools are there to inform you about latitudinal and longitudinal position, while the third one allows you set up alarms. This seems to be a very interesting feature which allows you to set up multiple alarms according to some other time zone, so you can be notified if you’ve got an interview or a Skype meeting which begins at 2pm Tokyo-time – to give you one example.

Globo brings nicely designed interface and some unique features that Apple’s Clock app failed to bring. This app is a tool that can very useful to many people, so I warmly recommend trying it out.


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