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PROS: Nicely designed. Brings its own USB cable. Great performance. CONS: None.

A while back we brought you review of the Pop Case, made by Incase. Every time I get a very positive impression, like I did with this case, I get very eager to try some other products from that particular company. Even though Incase is dedicated to creating all kinds of cases, sleeves, and bags for all iOS products and several Mac notebooks, in this article we’ll take a look at one of their battery pack solutions.

Having a reliable battery pack has become simply essential. We all depend on mobile devices like phones, tables, and notebooks, so having an external source of power seems like a very good idea. Another important aspect is how affordable these products are, and I can say that you can find some excellent deals around the web. Even those high capacitive ones are no longer that expensive, making them look very intriguing and certainly more interesting than before.

Portable Power 5400 2

Portable Power 5400 by Incase is the latest try of this company to offer a battery pack that iOS users are going to love. This one is priced at $80 and like its name says it brings 5400mAh cell inside. You can find it in two color combinations (black/bright green and gray/magenta), but each one brings a USB recharging cable built-in and one 2.1Amp charging output. Speaking of its design, it’s not as generic and comes with some interesting lines and textures. It will fit nicely right next to your iOS devices, which was one of the goals of designers. This slightly rounded box measures 3.9” by 2.9” by 0.7”, which means that it’s very portable and you can place it in your bag without noticing that you’re carrying it. Also, it weighs 0.36lbs, so it’s not as heavy as some similarly designed batteries.

On the top side you’ll find a power button which also contains dots of light which are there to show the remaining charge in the battery. There are five dots positioned circularly around the power button. Another interesting design feature is a flat USB cable that’s nestled around the edge, magnetically held in its place. The bottom side is covered with soft dots whose main role is keep the battery from moving.

Even though it brings nice design and great build quality, it’s also important how this battery pack will perform. Even though you can use any iOS device with this battery, it’s primarily made to be used with iPhones and iPad minis. We tested it with a fully depleted iPad mini which was able to be recharged up to 90%. This is a very good result, slightly better than I hoped in the beginning. Charging times are as expected, and it seems that 2.1Amp output port is doing its job as it should.

If you’re planning on buying a new battery pack, Incase’s Portable Power 5400 seems like a great choice. For $80 you’ll get a nicely designed product that’s also built to last, and most importantly – it brings above the average performance.


  1. The only issue I’m concerned about, is actually not mentioned!
    How long does the charger hold charge itself?

    People will need to store this in their bag for a week or more before needing it… some user reviews of this product that I’ve read suggest it will lose it’s charge within a few days… Which would make it useless.

    Anyone confirm?


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